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    I am actually a Gooner

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  1. The lady in black is proclaiming 'It's your tactics' after she threw away a 2 goal lead the week before.
  2. Many thanks super sub
  3. If i download a face/badge pack (to be honest i have never done this, so i would really appreciate you help) will it overwrite the Arsenal one that I have at the moment. Do you think this is a good idea? I really want to enhance my game with faces, badges etc. Is there a pack that is deemed the best, or do people pick all sorts? I'm also on a mac, is it easy to do? I really apologise for the questions, my intelligence beyond playing FM is zero with regards to all this! much love
  4. Reading should put the home fans in the away end, and vice-versa. Might get a win at home that way.
  5. I think this is ridiculous. Playing football to a reasonable level makes you better at FM? This is nonsense! I have am not in the army, but i'm pretty good at COD. I'm not a porn star, but i'm....oh wait, I can't follow that one through.
  6. I have wanted this for a while, especially due to my insistance on squad rotation. It gets a little tedious swapping the roles of target man, winger, etc every other game.
  7. Put 2 youngsters in is all i can think of
  8. I'm on 10.5.8 Graphics card nvidia 9400m Just a macbook. No issues. Crowds, stadiums etc. I too do not get a full amount of stars but it runs fine.
  9. £32 million over 48 months A bit expensive. But in my eyes it is what Arsenal need, a tenacious ball-winner who can also knock it about.
  10. Reading are a right challenge in the new one
  11. Playing on a July released macbook. Had encountered many crashes, during the ball crossing the goal line. Having diasabled sounds, i have not encountered a crash since
  12. I've just won the EPL with Arsenal on my first season on FM10. Dzeko was a great 'target man'. De Rossi a great 'ball winner'. Signed Mexes at the end of January after a mass exodus of deadwood, and performed superbly in the final half of the season. However my financial outlay will result in this team remaining, and very very minimal transfers come 10/11.
  13. Never had an issue with 3d on my macbook