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  1. I second that... the IGE needs serious work, and some extra features, like team heal. Given that people paid for it, SI's silence is remarkable.
  2. Same here, but we already paid €6 while under the impression that SI had done just that, or at the very least, that they were planning to update it and add features regularly. I used FMRTE and enjoyed using it, and BraCa does some tremendous work, but there were times when my saves were screwed up because of it. SI has a chance to finish FMRTE off for once and for all with their next update; they're missing a great chance if they don't. I'd imagine the reason that BraCa has said that it'll be a few weeks before FMRTE 14 comes out is to wait and see how complete SI make their in-game editor in that period of time. If the SI IGE remains limited, people will go back to BraCa.
  3. I second all of that... what do SI think? Will we have an update soon?
  4. Hi EdL, will there be an update to the editor soon? A heal team option would be a neat edition...
  5. Downloaded what I assume was the beta before 12... at midnight, I got a 25mb update. Is that the full game? Also, there is no sign of either a pre-game editor or an in-game editor... confused!
  6. "Heal team" might be an idea for a future patch... well done all round, looking forward to midnight
  7. No announcement on a price/specifications for the IGE yet? It's only a couple of days to launch...
  8. One of the things that frustrated me about FM13 was the wild and unbelievable chances to goals ratio. Has this improved in FM13 at all? The last thing I want is a situation where I'm managing Barca, Messi up front as a trequartista with Sanchez and Neymar either side of him, and 20 chances in a game, but only one goal. It was annoying.
  9. It's been confirmed on Facebook that the real time editor will be available, for a fee, on the day of release. Thanks SI!
  10. Hi SI, not sure if this has been asked already, but will the real-time editor be available on the day of release?
  11. Nice work Ruci, you're a star, I look forward to the Mac version... is there a way to edit staff attributes?
  12. And will it be coming for the Mac today? Ruci = top dude
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