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  1. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  2. How do I choose a play-maker using the classic tactic setting?
  3. 71 points being enough to win the premier league
  4. I'm in my 7th season and have yet to win one.
  5. Reading this forum I guess your quite lucky to get a regen son. But the game gave me one within the first 3 seasons!
  6. The ones listed already are the most important but it think natural fitness should be considered. You'll want your captain to play most games and not need resting all the time.
  7. I think this is just a case of the A.I figuring out your tactics. Try changing or adjusting them slightly.
  8. Went to Villereal but I signed him for my deportivo team when villereal got relagated. (2011)
  9. Argentina beat Sweden on penaties in mine.
  10. I have the same thing with Deportivo. 700k a month until 2029. Was quite alarmed when I first saw that.
  11. Yes I've changed to the darker skin. I felt like putting my sunglasses on when I first saw the default skin.
  12. Touchline shouts have been introduced for FM2010
  13. Kazenga and Lomana LuaLua