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  1. Hi, Since running the 10.13.2 supplement OSX update and running the latest FM18 patch, the game fails to load. Can confirm this happened on 2 separate machines. 13" Macbook Pro, tocuhbar 2016 15" Macbook Pro , touchbar 2016
  2. It's pretty safe to say something changed for release, Very poor way to concede tbh especially as it happens not just the odd game, but every game to the point where i can call goal as the ball is played 30-40 yards over the top.
  3. Hi all, Anyone else having issues since the release patch with conceding a majority of goals from balls humped over the top? Beta was fine and was cruising without any issues. In 12 games i'd only conceded 5 goals. Now i'll be luckily if i don't gift 3 per game! Tried the usual closing down, player deeper, removing offside trap, all literally made now difference. Defending seems to be woeful, after watching the pre release videos with Miles was looking forward to see intelligent football. Just checking if it's just me or if defending is an issue in this current version?
  4. I went back and checked my email, defiantly was 19.50 last year. I'll old on for now until there's a better discount.
  5. Thought i'd post this up of Campbell at the end of season 5. Possibly the best Poacher in the game! Unreal stats!!!!!
  6. So we just stared our clan game again with the latest patch. You guys do a great job writing about how your season progresses, but i do things a bit different. I make vlogs on my clan game. Here's the first one in the series. I'll be making 3 per season, so probably every 2 weeks. [video=youtube;vWdgcS96rrQ]
  7. Thanks Nick! I completely forgot about him, probably cos he's rotting in the City reserves in my game.
  8. @Cesc_cil, Thanks and sure thing. Send me a PM with your email address.
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