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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I'm a new poster and after successfully loading, activating FM09, keep clicking on the icon to be greeted with...FM.exe experienced an error and needs to close, before being asked whether I want to send a report to Microsoft!! I am useless with computers and basically just wanted to get up and running with this game. I have installed Microsoft Dot.Net Framework as I was advised this would cure the prob, but it still isn't working, I'm getting more and more frustrated and contemplating returning the game and reverting to FM 08 which I had no probs with. Massive plea for assistance in very basic terms.. Cheers
  2. Urgent Help Required

    Cheers mate, I'm no good with Computers and I'm missing the England game in the hope I can resolve this tonight!!
  3. Urgent Help Required

    I'm first time poster, really hoping somebody with an ounce more intell re:computers can assist with my desperate plea!!
  4. I'm an avid FM Player and having installed the game (Even when a Computer Novice!) successfully keep launching it to be told that I have FM.exe experienced an error and needs to close. Before being asked whether I want to send a report to Microsoft...I don't I just want to play the game!!! I've looked on FAQ's and installed the Microsoft Dot.Net Framework, but I still can't start playing, somebody with a slight idea of computers, please help this techno phobe to start playing.. Many thanks in anticipation.