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  1. hey people i know thers a thread with free transfers in.. can any1 help me find it?
  2. missing players??

    it never asked me to select database :S:S:S
  3. why isnt alexandro rossina and john fleck and oscar cardozo not on fm 10? is it just my game orr??
  4. liverpool sqaud numbers

    worked started a new game too. didnt get far on old 1. cheers mate
  5. liverpool sqaud numbers

    yerr. i went into the files and deleted it. will that work?
  6. liverpool sqaud numbers

    how do i delete that then?
  7. liverpool sqaud numbers

    well ive just submitted my team for my 1st prem game and all the numbers are differant. and i havent changed them. or been able to set numbers for new signing :S
  8. why isnt my liverpool team numbers correct
  9. i was preston. started well with them. was comfetable in the playoffs after 10 games. had a bad spell after being knocked in in 4th round of carling cup 5-1 to tottenham. no win in 5 then but came back on track after that and was back in playoff possitions. then after being knocked out 3-2 in extra time to sunderland in fa cup replay i never regained form and didnt win many games after this. droped down to around 9th in league. struggled for form and now im sacked ha. i lasted till march. now waiting for a new team to want me. or shud i start again? any ideas for new game?
  10. what team to start fm10 with

    how do u create ur own team?
  11. on the demo i did liverpool and preston. but with the new game now i feel like a fresh start! i am a big liverpool fan and wondering of to do my first proper game with them for a cuple of seasons. but dunooo.. any ideas?
  12. hu hasnt got it yet and hu has? i aint
  13. Fm 10 Demo bookings and sendings off

    jamie carragher is not 8 players!?!?!
  14. Fm 10 Demo bookings and sendings off

    well it seems to be all around the team as ive had 8 players sent of within like 15 games. confusing me alot