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  1. Apologies for opening another thread on the inability of defenders to deal with through balls or balls over the top but like others am experiencing this issue with regular frequency. In the PKM attached (70 min mark) we trade possession high up the pitch (in oppo box). But it seems as though my defence particularly my two CB's have totally gone to sleep. Celtic have no out ball other than to thump it long and Maguire instead of watching play and preemptively moving across and staying tight to the lone CF just holds a very odd position as though he never expects the ball to come his way. Having the defensive width set to narrow I am also not liking the massive gap between the CBs. Its only as you let the PKM play on that finally we adopt a narrow shape inside of our own box. Is the defensive positioning only applicable in our defensive third because it feels like that very often? I appreciate that the PKM is complicated by the AM charging through the mid and pogba losing his man totally but if Maguire was reading and watching the play this is 9 times out of 10 a routine defensive header? Hell even if he gets it wrong and it goes over his head at least from a positional sense he would have done the right thing. I can only assume a few issues are at play. Defenders aren't correctly marking players and anticipating outcomes correctly. CBs think that having a 4 lane motorway between them is a good thing tactically Defensive play without the ball only seems to become effective in the defensive third Anyway hope this helps. Thanks for creating another year of FM2020 to while away the time! Celtic v Man Utd.pkm
  2. Good tactic going forward but defensively I am giving up a lot of goals especially down the flanks from crosses and on quick breaks where we over commit too many players and lose the ball. I've tried dropping the defensive line which helps stop the ball over the top but when I play teams with high wingers it really is pot luck to see if I can outscore the opposition. Any thoughts on how to combat? Currently playing as West Ham.
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