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  1. Just started with new update. Used all coutinho money to sign Kane. Spurs replaced him with danny ings lol. Currently at christmas in season 1. Kane as 29goals in 19 league games. 39goals in 26 games overall. I am 2points clear at top. Spurs are 16th
  2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/32/wiganteam.jpg/ - thats my team as it stands now. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/208/sigurosson.jpg/ - here is the best signing ull ever make (no idea while his value as gone down even though his stats still going up)
  3. my wigan save i am in the sixth season and favorites to win the league. i got a takeover at the end of season five and a greek billionaire took me over. keeps pumping it money every 3months. gives me like 20m every 3months lol. best owner ever. if ur just starting a wigan game. the must buy early on is Gylfi Sigurðsson who used to play for reading. i signed him in january of first season for 8millon after he came availble. set him to take all free kicks and retrain him to attacking mid. still in my first team now and is a better am than gango, hazard, etc. value of 26millon. this guy wins u points on his own! i also got coates from liverpool in jan and he is still my captain now. best way to get money early is sign youngsters like niang, naingis, sanago, lucus anderson and sell some on in the future with 50% next profit tag. they offer you good buy outs for them clauses in future but i would reccommend to keep the 16year old niang as he became world class for me. enjoy and trust me. wigan is the most enjoyable game on fm in my view!
  4. Club: Wigan Athletic Division: Premier league Transfer Budget: around 3m Board Expectation: avoid relegation Key Players: n'zogbia, rodallega, boselli, figueroa. youth prospects: victor moses, james mccarthy Pros: needs a compete revamp from top to bottom, so lots to do. can upgrade facilities right away and good youth prospects Cons: all best players ask to leave, small attendences, low reputation Level of Difficulty (1 to 10 - 10 being very hard): 8 Additional Information: during first season, always make a profit each month so start getting more money to spend
  5. also you make profit after each month so for january, u can actualy ask for more money and buy paulo hernandez (15m over 48months) and build your team around him. with him, n'zogbia and boselli u should be able to finish in a strong postion in league and then start buying more youngsters and regens with the warchest u get in second season. Wigan is a great team to play cause you need to overall the team, tactics, staff and improve facilities.
  6. into the second season with wigan. got a 15m warchest just to avoid relegation. managed to come 16th in league in first season and somehow won the league cup partly due to playing arsenal, spurs and liverpool who all played kids vs me . best thing to do at start of game is completely overhaul your staff including scouts and sell jordi gomez. I also sold boyce and henry thomas and bought in mohammed abou trika (2.2m) oriol ramero (700k) steve finnan (free) roberto carlos (1m) diego buonotte (4m)
  7. loaning out players for first team football having a bigger effect on stats. currently i dont bother loaning players out cause my coaches are great and i never see any improvements in players who i do loan out. its just a waste of time currently. Loaning out youngsters for first team football should be improved.
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