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  1. For the opposition instructions, do you have to set them every game? usually get my assistant to do them and is it only the opposition strikers that have the instructions? Tactic is great with Leicester but just want to make sure i am setting it up right
  2. starting my game with United tonight any suggestions on staff? who to get rid off? who to sign? has anyone used Gonçalo Guedes from Benfica? any good?
  3. I was wondering if it possible to have my facepack folder on a usb stick rather than the football manager folder and still work in game? sorry if this has been asked, cant seem to find any answers anywhere
  4. Gino Peruzzi or Tony V as right back? I'm not sold on Peruzzi but long term could be the answer. Or is there another good right back that I could get?
  5. Hi guys I deleted a player from the database and saved it but when I go to start a new game he is still in the game? Any reason for this? Or have a done something wrong? Any help would be appreciated
  6. I can't unsubsribe though, there's no option to do it
  7. Hi guys I have 2 Martin Ødegaard's in my game and i can't seem to remove 1 I subscribed to Ødegaard when he first came available and now hes part of 1 of the latest update Not sure if thats the problem? I've tried to have a look on the steam workshop but I can't unsubscribe to him now Any help? Sorry if this is in the wrong section
  8. Hi guys I've been downloading a update weekly and I've lost Rene Meulensteen? Now he's in the database but not when I load up the English league, only when I upload the Dutch league he'll be in the game. I download the update weekly and he was in last weeks update but this weeks he's no longer there Can anyone advise me on how to get him back just by loading up the English league Any help would be great
  9. Can anyone help? I've been looking around the editor to try ban a club from Europe for a year. Can't seem to find it anywhere, also was wanting to try find out how to reduce a clubs ban from Europe but if a can find the answer to the first question am sure I will be able to answer the second
  10. Hi guys I'm trying to update my game and was wondering if it's possible to reduce Rangers ban from Europe for a year? Or is it hard coded into the game?
  11. Hi guys, got a question Is it possible to ban a team from Europe for a year? Using the editor? I know Rangers are banned for three years Any help would be great
  12. What's the best formation for Real Madrid? Eg how to get the best out of Ronaldo? Or a formation to download? Sorry if this has been asked before
  13. how does everyone seem to get good prices for player they sell? I struggle to get good value and everyone else seems to get there value or more Any tips would be great? should i offer them to clubs or just place them on the transfer list? or?
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