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  1. Has there been any SI response to this query yet? I really can't see why this has been changed, and would appreciate it if anyone could let me know how to change it back. cheers
  2. Yes I've noticed this. Extremely annoying - anyone know how we can change it back? cheers
  3. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Livew1ire, seems to have done the trick - you beauty! cheers mate
  4. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Dear Jimmy please help... Hi all, i'm in desperate need of assistance before i stick on a leonard cohen record and reach for the bottom of potassium cyanide... I've had a quick look over this thread and google but i haven't found anyone with the same problem or indeed a solution! Bought the game (hard copy) yesterday, installed it and activated on steam (which i already had) with no problems...however on trying to launch the game...nothing happened. Only a message stating that it was preparing launch (which never materializes) or sometimes not even that. Well, i removed the game and re-installed it, interestingly i did not have to re-activate or re- enter the keycode on the second installation (i assume that is ok). Anyway i attempted to launch the game again...and the same thing happened - nothing. I tried to launch the game via the .exe where i installed it - C:/programfiles/steam/steamapps/common/footballmanager, and i got this error message - "This application has failed to start because d3dx9_37.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Any ideas how to solve this? My laptop spec is comfortably good enough to run the game and for the record my graphics card is - ATI Mobility Radeon X1600 512MB. P.S Immediately after the installation of the game, something was uploaded via steam to my computer - is this the patch or do i have to download it separately? Thanks in advance for any help