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  1. In-Game Editor

    Cannot purchase as the page hangs as is non-responsive once the confirmation/authorize pop-up appears. Any way around this?
  2. Steam Problems

    Was having the same issue a moment ago. Verified cache & said all was ok. Closed Steam completely. Restarted Steam. Verified cache again & it downloaded the update & is now running.
  3. Withdrawn from international squad

    Anyone fancy posting a link to the above mentioned thread, or elaborate on what to edit with FMRTE, as I'm currently experiencing the same issue? Thanks.
  4. How do I fix the tactics screen?

    Just logged something similar in the bugs forum. Check out the threads there.
  5. No. Even with all of the team available, Reina is selected as the key player for each game.
  6. Fair point. ....... But should Reina still be chosen as a 'key player' for every match anyway?! Plenty of other performing players in the team & I'd expect to see Gerrard, Torres, Cole etc as a 'key player' in pre-match at least now & again! Reina has done very little in the games he's played so far, so surely logic would say the 'key player' in an up-coming game would be one who has played well, contributed etc recently. .....?
  7. Who did you sign first?

    Liverpool - Pires - Free. :-(
  8. Really liking the demo so far - looks & plays a lot slicker than FM10......... but a couple of things I've noticed so far; * The 'key player' after all of my games is Pepe Reina. Even when the opposition has only had a shot or two on goal & when other players in the team have much higher average ratings & have scored etc. * AI seems a bit ropey in places, especially for defenders. They seem to back off when they shouldn't & wander out of position, & despite having man-mark & tight marking selected, the opposition always seems to have about 3-4 completely un-marked players in my box when they attack. Also players decisions aren't always great - have so far seen numerous occasions when the ball will bounce in front of a player, & instead of controlling it or playing it back with their feet, they wait for it to bounce up & then try & head it - resulting in it just hitting the player in front of them 90% of the time. * I asked the board for more cash as I had zero to spend. They declined. I made a further comment that we'd get left behind our rivals. They agreed & said they'd make funds available. I still have ZERO funds. * When having to confirm a squad & using the auto-select/confirm option, first-team players are left out of the 25, while under 21s are selected when they don't need to be, & therefore taking up a needed space in the 25.
  9. Match-day default screen

    Anyone?..... Still an issue in full game for me
  10. Edited data not saving

    Got it sorted now, thanks to Michael Foster's thread: http://community.sigames.com/showpost.php?p=3973305&postcount=2 Stupid me!!
  11. Playing without logging into Steam

    Ah, I see. Didn't realise. Cheers for the info!
  12. Edited data not saving

    I'm potentially being very stupid, but can't seem to get any edited data saved to the database. After making a few changes, I go to File & only get the Merge & Save As options. I've tried both - with the Merge option should I be selecting a specific file (as apposed to the Config file in the Editor folder it defaults to)? And I've also saved my changes with the Save As option, but can't seem to load these changes in the game - the Select Editor Data Files option is greyed out still. Hope that makes sense. Any help appreciated.
  13. I bought & downloaded the game via Steam, but when playing I cant seem to stop Steam popping up & logging in/running in the background. I'm running FM from the .exe in the \steamapps\common folder, but still can't seem to get rid of Steam. Any way of disassociating them so that I don't have to wait for Steam each time I want to play FM?
  14. As my laptop is a few years old it struggles with the 3D graphics (& I don't really watch them any, apart from goal highlights), but for each game it seems to default to 'TV mode'. I'm possibly being blind, but is there any way to start each game in my own choice of view (in my case, split screen with overview & my teams condition/rating). in FM09 once you'd amended your view it would stay as that as default for the next game..... but not so now, it would seem! :-/ Referring to FM10 demo, btw...
  15. Championship Manager '93

    Happy, happy days back then!