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  1. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    This is geting beyond a joke now. My problem has been overlooked. I know si have alot to deal with but i have had game for a month nw and cant even play it. Im not happy to say the least and didnt keep the reciept so cnt take it back. Is someone going to sort this or do i have to take it further than the forums. You should have a whole team on here nt just one of you. and all of the downloads. I only hav internet on mobile so its hard for me to get downloads.
  2. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I dowloaded fixv3 as told by sega cos when i activated my game i kept geting the reg screen. They told me this wud fix it. When i got my response file i loaded it and got a 709 eror. When i try again i get a 819 eror and sumtimes am 821 eror. Why is this hapening?
  3. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Ok im geting a bit sik nw. I rang sega who told me to dwnload fixv3 as i kept geting the softanchor screen even after i activated the game. I got my response file after uploading my request to the server. Whdm i try to load it i get a 709 error. Any help?
  4. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Well since I cant get a reply of uniloc I am stuck. I cant use the fixv3 because it doesnt work. When i try to enter the code and click save it breaks. I don't know what to do now. It said over the phone that it had been activated so why does the activation screen come up when i click the exe!
  5. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Do i have to register the game online on a machine that has my game on it or can it be done on any machine as I am on a dif one at the min
  6. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Okay i tried it agen and now it says online: (my code in lowercase) phone: (my code in uppercase) Please note the differences between "0" and "o" Thats all it says - so now what do i do?
  7. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Already tried that but as I said it says the lisence key is invalid but it isn't! Im entering it exactly how it is and have tried different combinations with the i's and o's.
  8. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Could someone help me. I got the game a few days ago and cannot play on it because when I install it the activation box comes up. I went to do the phone thing and it went fine. The phone said it was activated and so did the computer. I then went to play on it and the activation box came up again saying my trial period has expired. When I bring up the box do I put the code on the back of the manual into the top box and click paste. If so then I have done that but it says the code is invalid and so does the checker on the net. I have typed the code correctly but just incase i have tried every other possability with the i and o's. Can you please help me. Cheers