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  1. Pretty stoked with these two since they're both german. Haussler is a beast - top goal scorer last season at 18 and his record this season speaks for itself
  2. I started a create-a-club save where I had some really worrying issues which has made the game unplayable for that save. The create-a-club was essentially Burton with some younger players and tutors as a way to test their youth development, the players aren't of immense quality immediately but most of them are good enough to be upper Championship level. Essentially I tried and used 3 different tactics, with varying production (in terms of shots created and possession) but always with the same result - A nearly guaranteed red card each game, counter cross goals (often late) and lots of injuries - I had around 11 first team injuries at one stage, I was unable to field a proper second MC for one game (against Fulham) after 4(!!) other MCs in the squad were suspended or injured. I have never ever had close to this kind of results or bad luck before, a lot of the games played were relatively close or we were dominating them, but the results stay roughly similar. The last two games had not had any red cards but the late counters still are scoring despite the difference in CCCs and shots. So far, there has been 30 red cards in the championship and it's been almost 10 games for every team. My team is leading in red cards (6) and yellow cards (28) despite every effort to change the tactic and OIs, which I have changed significantly and specifically to reduce hard tackles and diving in. For reference (note that Championship has more teams, thus more games) EPL this season has had 10 red cards total in 11 rounds of matches. Here is an image of the results and stats so far, unfortunately I wasn't able to get a SS of all of the injuries at it's worst but it's still fairly common. http://imgur.com/a/PAUtA This was my first save starting post-release, my previous save with RBL during the beta had no issues like this, even with the same tactic used between the saves (Warlord V2) there wasn't even close to the sheer amount of injuries and cards. I genuinely think there is something wrong about the CAC save so I might try it with another club to see whether there's any similar pattern, but it's disheartening when there is nothing you can do to prevent the inevitable red card and injuries.
  3. After a lot of inconsistency at start of the season i've had a lot of success with 4-4-1-1. Werner has gone from bench, and later left wing to my starting striker in the DLF role with exceptional results. He managed to win the Golden Boy award and so far has 15 goals in 14 appearances, with about 5-6 of those apps being in leftwing or off the bench. We are tied 3rd in February. This was my window so far, http://imgur.com/a/PFF20 have struggled a lot to sell players, which has been my main issue. Completely unable to sell players at even half their value, which is a bit frustrating.
  4. This is John Guidetti a few seasons in obviously but his development isn't too far fetched from how he starts - if his physicals were slightly improved he would be quite clearly the best striker in the game. He also has tries first time shots which is a really strong PPM on this iteration of FM
  5. Dier as DM and Callum Gribbin as AMR (left foot) are your best options
  6. Borja and Eggestein are must buys in most cases for me; I am also quite a big fan of Fede, Toni Lato(who you can often get cheap eventually), Lukas Klostermann, Bjorn Engels and Patrick Pflucke. A LOT of young german youth are strong, especially Schalke's youth. In most cases I see Julian Brandt on transfer list by end of 1st season and he is a world beater winger akin to Zivkovic
  7. Renato Sanches who was great pre-patch is now an absolute god in 16.3 - all of the main Leicester players have increased as well (Vardy, Konte, Mahrez especially)
  8. You know what's hilarious? You guys had all this extra time to cover the Chinese Super League transfers (since you dind't change the match engine) and you didn't even TOUCH Serie A. Didn't even TOUCH the squads. Nocerino is still at Milan for fks sakes - let alone Donnarumma starting in u18s and Bonaventura being a big chunk of garbage stats wise. That's some feedback for you - this is football manager not EPL/Russian League/Chinese League manager
  9. Longest update ever and you give us a superficial transfer update? After all the secrecy and incredibly strict moderation there's no significant changes to the match engine. Unless the keeper backpass glitch (NOTE not sure if i can give youtube links for proof - ; ) and ridiculous crossing exploits (http://i.imgur.com/E8zJB3H.jpg) have been "fixed" in another section of information. I'm not sure what feedback we can give so far but since I won't be using the Chinese Super League i'm not sure what has changed in the first place. Can't wait for my fullbacks to win WPOTY edit - if there's been an update or change to the engine then say it - not just "keeper punches after penalties" (i have never seen this issue after about 50-60 seasons across multiple divisions/levels of play)^
  10. Martial if you're playing a F9 or wing striker - Icardi if you just want a target man/AF. Icardi is probably the best goalscorer in this FM
  11. benfica has some disgustingly good talent - overrated for sure since there's simply too many gems in their youth renato sanches is always incredible, ze gomes/bilal ould-chikh (who is atleast rated highly irl) are too. lindelof is incredible and one of my favourite defenders to sign (pretty much eric dier-lite) and they also have some gem wingers in nuno and guedes
  12. I got him 2nd season (on promotion) with Leeds for 2.9m - WP got accepted (he got capped shortly after IIRC) He has been the best signing/keeper i've had in a few years to be honest - he outperforms Courtois (on previous FM), outperforms Hart (on current FM), Becomes marginally better than Donnarumma. I would try to upload a screenshot when i get the save up (it's online) but he is 16~/17 in almost every GK stat, with a few exceptions (kicking is low i think) His ONLY flaw, which was a match engine bug with the previous patch, was he conceeded a few 'glitch goals' with backpasses e.g.
  13. Icardi bar maybe Suarez is the best lone striker in the game, easily the best value striker this FM. only really aboubakar is close for his price range
  14. Rami is needed because Mexes sharply declines after first season and Zapata was pretty average. Rami has always been good and challenges Doria/Balanta for starting place (4th season now). I signed DDR and Strootman from Roma as they got relegated 2nd season - DDR so far has been pretty poor but strootman's been ok. Cristante has been great for me though AML - if you don't have El Shaarawy (i sold him to monaco) i would sign Quintero is amazing, or James Rodriguez who is slightly better but more expensive.
  15. Im in second and have got a big transfer budget (50m) after doing well last season and making a big profit, i also sold Matri, Nocerino and Abate (29m) amongst others I've signed through Jovetic (15m), Peruzzi (17m), Trasch (3.9m) and got Rami for 6m too amongst other pieces Basically what I need to know is who is a good AMC (Engache*) to replace Kaka who was pretty average at the end of last season? I still have around 50m left and i'm looking at getting Balanta in as well for around 19m. I have pretty much every other position covered well with signings. Was thinking of KDB? Reus would be ideal but won't come, but need someone who can finish well since i have 2 support strikers
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