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  1. Anybody have luck to play this tactic with two wings?
  2. Thats right, i was really impressed. He scored right from a goalkick.
  3. Im playing with Liverpool in 2013 with tb eagle. I win almost every game, but created litt big chances. Anybody have a tip what to do?
  4. Using the V6 piranha with FC Barcelona. Awsome results. I should have a print screen. But i have never done that before. so i dont know how to do it
  5. Do we have to use Tylers traing on this tactic? I'm Barca and have 8 players injured
  6. Anyone have a advice for the best starting lineup with inter milan using v6?
  7. Whats the best starting lineup for Paris SG using the V6 the first season?
  8. Tyler. Whats the best lineup for Celtic? Using the v6 piranha
  9. With V6. Whats the best lineup for Celtic? Who should i buy?
  10. I'm playing with Manchesteher City. Does well in all the cups, but not i PL. Using the tweaked version of eagle. Finished 5th in PL the first season. Using this team: Given Richards Jagielka Sakho Bale Miguel Veloso Ireland Hernanes Obasi Robinho Marquinos Is this a good team? Who should i sell?
  11. Started up with the eagle with wolves now. Won everty home game, but i dont take many points awat. Heres my team: Hennessey Stearman Shackell Berra Fabio Possebon Henry Jones Kightly Leadly Ebanks Blake
  12. Trying the V6 with my Liverpool team. Scoring a lot of goals. But the other team create many chances and score against my in every match. Why this? I have the main attriubues on every players. Last season i played with redhotwax eagle version. I won the league, with ten points down to Arsenal. So far in this season i have: w 11 d 6 l 0
  13. I tried v6 with my Liverpool. Beat Spurs 4-0 at home, but lost against City and a draw against Sunderland. I think thea eagle version twisted by redhotwax is very good. Conciding lite goals.
  14. Looks like a great team. Im Liverpool, i win every game, but i dont impress. Send a message to tyler, he can explain. Have you tried redhotwax tactic for eagle?
  15. Do your opponents create many chanses against your team playing the eagle tactic?
  16. Redhotwax, with your tweaked eagle version. do you win games confortable or with one goal. Im in my second season with Liverpool, i win almost every game, but only with one goal. The attributes in the positions. What level should they be on? Over 15?
  17. Have sold many players in my Liverpool-games, just because i need players with the right attributes.
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