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  1. had similar on a different tactic though, could it be a patch thing
  2. really struggle to get any good ratings from wing backs?
  3. anyone else have problems with tactic familiarity taking a long while ?
  4. the best thing TFF can do now is get back to making the tactics that made him, and we will see if the down/up voting effected his tactics
  5. Got ya, been using it to judge mentality, problem was I went 1-0 down against a team using positive formation, what to do then? I tinkered with it but couldn’t get back in the game
  6. so guys help me out my 1 year old laptop that got recommended on these forums isn't running fm19 like a dream, match engine is stuttering my rig is Asus Geforce GTX 1050 intel(r) core(TM) i7-7700hq CPU @ 2.80GHz 7.89 GB ram 1920 x 1080 60Hz
  7. great tactic, pulled my inconsistent season around with a newly promoted millwall team to the prem
  8. Have you got pinamonti on loan? Hes quality on my inter save playing left or poacher
  9. Didn’t you feel bad smashing Hannover in champ league?
  10. graphics and smoothness of the game are faultless, I'm running 26 leagues 10 nations running ok at the minute, estimated game speed is 3 stars
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