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  1. anyone else getting a load of crash dumps since the update? ive had 2 in the 2 attempts ive had at playing since the update (about a month game time) as opposed to zero previously in 13 seasons
  2. I’d sell them. I’m currently managing spennymoor in the championship and rely on a high turn over of players to keep the club alive and it’s done me no harm. If there surplus to requirements cash in I say
  3. I do the same and frequently have the same issue. I gave up on gambling on the unreliable steam cloud saves and now use a old fashioned memory stick which is what I’d advise you to do to.
  4. You have to scout the feeder clubs various squads and any suitable players will come up in scouting meetings. Im currently doing a save with spennymoor and hull city are my parent club and I have loaned several players from them
  5. Unless I’m mistaken your scouting budget is used solely for purchasing packages and the scouting of players out of your network. You will be able to scout opposition all season without it affecting your budget. Scouting costs incurred would be on things such as scout travel etc general scouting expenses. As a LLM manager myself I tend to only scout players who are currently at other clubs such as potential loanees. I offer hundreds of players trails throughout the season to get a better preview of there stats. This is mainly due to just starting a conference north save so I’m sure this method would change the higher up the ladder I go but judging by your budget mentioned I imagine your managing at a similar level. Hope this helps
  6. I've survived now with a respectable 17th place finish 3 places above the drop zone and 9 points clear. As I said the bottom 3 were terrible with 3rd bottom Brackley barely mustering 30 points. Prob worth staying now no? after toiling away for that bit
  7. I must of used a smaller database than you as all I had was a bunch of woeful fake players with no appearances history.
  8. I don't know how you guys are doing it. I'm just about to finish my first season with Grantham and we are a truly awful football team. I'm going to stay up thankfully mainly due to 3 teams being somehow worse. I think we are going to have a clear out pre season
  9. I have been holding out for 18.1.2 but I can resist no longer. Loading my first attempt up now
  10. If you sim to the end of the first season they tend to come up. Alternatively you could head over to the database forum and see if any custom databases have been created yet.
  11. I don’t think i could play with masking on. Never have and it would take away the point of scouting for me. Down in the leagues i start saves in (Van North + South) with the scouting cost of one player at £500+ that can be the equivalent 10% of your cash flow and with the high turnover of players due to most being non contracts and loans it doesn’t seem feasible to even put a squad together without bankrupting the club.
  12. Thats most likely because most players tend to start at bigger clubs we money is not as much as a concern in comparison to a lower league manager. Im with you know, I play almost exclusivley long term LLM saves and build my team up. I havent purchased FM18 as of yet as im waiting to see if this will be addressed as with all the issues/bugs raised this one will effect my game most
  13. Following on from my earlier post on my time at concord rangers. I managed to get promoted season 3 via the play offs after finishing 3rd Losing out on 2nd on goal difference to Wealdstone. Managed to beat recently relegated bromley in the final with the help of the seeding rules giving me home advantage, i spent the season playing fairly negative 4-1-4-1Counter away from home or against tougher opposition and a 4-1-2-3 against the lesser teams. Really worked a treat. My point being although the struggle has been long its making the rewards all the more sweeter. Heres to a season of getting slaughtered in the conference national
  14. Im in my third season with concord rangers (conference south). i finished 13th followed by 10th and this season im hovering around the play offs. i dread to think how long its going to take me to get out of this league
  15. Has anyone started there Long term save yet? im debating weather or not to just get going. Dont want to start one a new one next friday
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