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  1. So I've started a save with Everton, have just played my first game (Beat Swansea 2-0!) and I get this interesting piece of mail, saying Tottenham are about to offer £107,000,000 for Fellaini!! Would love it if they did, think I might be tempted to sell then!
  2. Haven't had the chance to really play FM or come on here much in the last week, too busy with university! But finally had a chance to get my 4th season started with FK and our first game was unreal!! I don't think I've ever had a player score 5, and I wanted Nils to take the penalty for his double hattrick, but didn't swap my pen takers order around quick enough. It would be nice in that situation if the ME either automatically gave it to the player who is on a hattrick (or double!!) or gives you the option to select the player if you want, as I feel in irl this would more likely happen! Still, I'm not too fussed Hopefully this is the start of a strong season! Congrats on getting a point on the board Dexter, was so close to being all 3 as well!!
  3. FK Linkoping. Less Boing Boing, more Ping Ping FK Linkoping 2014 - Season 3 review So my 3rd season with FK Linkoping ended up with us winning our 2nd promotion! Can’t fault the team, was fantastic throughout and pretty much was top throughout the whole season! Had another dodgy run of fixtures, but luckily no-one seemed to capitalise on it. Table Fixtures Due to the finances of the club I didn’t sign anybody during the close season, only had 1 player come in on a free when his contract expired. Transfers First Team Squad Tactics Again this season I am indebted to the goals of Nils Hammenskog and Heikki Laine. These 2 were fantastic throughout the season, although both missed games through injury, luckily I just about survived. In defence Arvidsson and Andersson again formed a strong partnership, and were solid throughout the season! However, I still conceded far too many goals for my liking, good job Nils and Heikki wanted to score for fun! Nils Hammenskog Heikki Laine Anton Arvidsson Patrik Andersson Robert Ek Have been untouchable with the board pretty much all season, so am very happy! Have been in the red all season, and keep losing money. If it wasn’t for the board injecting cash throughout the season it would have been a lot worse. Unfortunately at the start of the season they downgraded our professional status, so we’re currently semi-professional and it’s affecting keeping the players I’ve got/attracting new players! Boardroom Confidence – Finances – Me For next season I aim to just survive, improve my defence and hopefully improve the finances and regain our professional status!
  4. Just won the Swedish First Division South with a game to spare!!!!!! Then got this fantastic piece of mail, have never had a statue! Will post a full review at the end of the season
  5. FK Linkoping. Less Boing Boing, more Ping Ping FK Linkoping 2014 - Season 2 review Well after a flying start, a big mid-season slump and strong burst at the end we got there in the end, and that’s just my commitment to the FK Linkoping cause! I had a case of second season syndrome and found it hard to get motivated to play FM, especially when things weren’t going my way, but I kept at it and in the end it was a very good season!! I was asked to avoid relegation and with a media prediction of 13th, I knew that this would be a difficult season. However, much like last season I performed against all the odds and managed to finish 3rd, missing out on a play-off spot on the last day of the season! It was hard to accept, especially with 2 games left I was in 2nd spot!! Still I can’t complain, and hopefully this is a good foundation to build of for next season!. Table Much like me (and probably influenced my mood) FK Linkoping had a very up and down season, with a slow start, followed by an unbelievable 9 game unbeaten run, to be followed by a bad run of games, then 6 wins in my last 8 games! Fixtures League Position This season I let a lot of players go, and brought in a few key buys which strengthened the squad no end! I played with the same formation for pretty much the whole season, which was a slightly adapted version of last seasons 4-4-2, except with more advanced wingers. This seemed to work very well for me, and I was creating a lot of chances and scoring a lot of goals throughout the season! Transfers First team Squad Tactics In terms of players here is a brief overview of my key players this season; Nils Hammenskog - Well this season was the season Nils went from being a boy to a man. Carried the team with some vital goals, whereas last season he dropped off towards the end, this season he was a machine throughout! Scored 19 goals in 22 games, and finished as the leagues top goalscorer! With an average rating of 7.60, he was the 2nd best player in the division. If he hadn’t missed 4 games through injury, we might have got that 2nd place! Heikki Laine – Like Nils last season, Heikki was the young striker purchase for the season. Looks a real prospect, he always seemed to find the net in key games and I’m hoping much like Nils he kicks on next season and forms an even more deadly partnership! Anton Arvidsson - This man is my rock. It’s no coincidence that my worst run of form of the season came when he was out injured for 3 months and I think that if he had stayed injury free 2nd and possibly promotion would have been mine. Patrik Andersson – Took on the burden of replacing Anton when he became injured, and in the end made it his own. Performed superbly, and I have very high hopes for the partnership between him and Anton for next season. Boardroom Confidence Finances Me Overall, although slightly disappointed to have missed out on 2nd spot, I am very pleased with how the season went, and cannot wait to get started on my 2nd season! I feel that I have 2 key partnerships developing in defence and attack, and with that the foundation to kick on for next season. Hopefully there will be a turnaround in finances soon, as I could really do with a youth set up!
  6. So my first game in the Swedish First Division South ended pretty badly, lost heavily at home to the league favourites. However, when facing a striker called Surprise I couldn't complain about losing or him scoring a hattrick. Sadly he didn't shout surprise when scoring against me though!
  7. Thanks for the feedback guys! Have found that the off season is Sweden is annoyingly long, can see myself taking a nice long holiday. On a side note, has anyone ever had it that none of their staff want to renew contracts? My assistant, reserve manager, coach and physio all had 1 year contracts, and none of them are interested in a new deal! Robot - Have you tried taking screenshots through football manager, think its Alt + F9? Also is good to see someone else representing Sweden, Good luck!
  8. Sorry if my first post was a bit long, tried to make up for not posting to start off with! Hope I didn't miss anything out of it!! Now cracking on with the difficult second season, hopefully the motivation of reading the good career stories on here can give the patience to stick at this save!
  9. FK Linkoping. Less Boing Boing, more Ping Ping After a rather feeble attempt at this challenge on Fm12, I have decided to come back with renewed determination on 13 to actually persevere with a challenge and try my best to complete! So after much deliberation I decided to go for the Swedish league, for no real reason! And it was a very proud day when I took over the recently formed team of FK Linkoping, playing in the Swedish Second Division East Gotaland. They were formed in 2009, having replaced Linkoping FF (according to Wiki!) I have to admit, I researched a few teams and chose FK by mistake! They have no youth facilities, limited youth recruitment and no money to improve, but I saw that they had a 14000 stadium capacity, however when I started playing I saw that their stadium was only 5500, so must have chose the wrong team! I'd already invested time into the save though, so decided to give it a go! They are a professional team and had an already full squad, which was a good start. The board expectations were that I avoided relegation, so luckily there wasn't anything too unrealistic. Looking over my I didn't really like the look of what I was given to work with, which was then lucky that I was given a transfer budget of £23k which i then adjusted as I had a little bit of movement with my wage budget. As you can see, I brought in a lot of players and I tried to stick to my aims of securing young Swedish talent! By the start of the season my squad looked like this, and over time I found that a basic 4-4-2 tactic seemed to be most solid for me, despite my lack of wide midfielders really! Luckily I didn't suffer too many injuries and suspensions, otherwise my season probably would have been nowhere near as successful! So my first season as Manager of FK Linkoping ended with us winning the title on the penultimate game of the season, although it wasn't official until the last game of the season but it would have taken a lot of freak results for me to lose out on goal difference! As you can see by my fixtures, the real reason to my success was a 6 game winning streak at the end of the season to really push on when my rivals seemed to struggle! Interestingly I only had 1 draw all season, and even then it was a last minute equaliser against me, so apparently my style is win or bust! That might have to change next season. Table Fixtures In terms of players here is a brief overview of my key players this season. Pablo Varas - The only FK player who was already at the club to remain in my team. Although his attributes are not amazing, he seemed to know where the net was, finishing as my top goalscorer with 13 goals in 20 games, and 2nd highest in the league. he also finished with the highest average rating in the league, 7.37. Nils Hammenskog - My other striker, at 18 was seen as a very good prospect so was signed! Started the season very strongly with a series of composed games and goals, dropped off towards the end. However, seemed to be the perfect partner for Varas. Finished with 8 goals and a rating of 7.06. Matthias Holmstrom - Was originally signed as a back up goalkeeper, however became my number 1! 19 goals conceded with 8 clean sheets, I think he was a key part to our success and will keep the No.1 jersey next season. Anton Arvidsson - My second best player, very solid stats and an average rating of 7.22. He was my rock in defence, which showed as he didn't miss 1 match! Daniel Thulin - My young right back, was recommended to me by my assistant and looks a real prospect! Hopefully will become a solid right back for me in the future! Boardroom confidence. Finances. Me. So all in all a very successful season, and I have just been offered a new contact, still only 1 year! Hopefully next season I can avoid relegation, and save some money to persuade the board to invest in some youth facilities! Hope you all enjoyed my first season as much as I have!!
  10. As my first attempt managing a lower league team I didn't really know what to expect. Berchem, who were returning to Third Division A for the first time since the 08/09 season having been languishing in the lower leagues were predicted a modest 7th by the media. With a decent sized stadium, and financial security, I felt that I could achieve this, maybe even greater things. I've never actually played with attribute masking on (Sorry!) as I like to search for players myself, I did find it hard to rely on my scouts and to get them searching for players! But I feel like I signed some decent players, with a personal first of having no transfer budget to spend, but a decent wage allowance. Transfers | As for the season itself, it was a very inconsistant season, with the only consistancy coming towards the end of the season when Berchem were on their worst run of form! I finished a respectable 3rd place, but then lost 6-3 on aggregate on the promotion play-offs, which I was pretty disappointed at. However by this time, my squads morale was shot to pieces and I didn't know what to do to get it back. probably didn't help that I was tinkering and trying to find something that worked that could have pushed us that little bit further and got promotion! Final Table | Positions | (Most) Results, just to highlight the bad run of form at the end! | Confidence My best signing (And top Goalscorer) would have to be Dieter Meulenyzer, who without his goals and 7 assists, we might not have done as well! honourable mention has to go to Nicolas Birti, who was my most consistant performer at rb, and a solid penalty taker! Overall, I'm happy with my first season with Berchem, hopefully they are with me too! Although it was frustrating when we were on that awful run of form towards the end of the season. Next season I'm going to be pushing for promotion again, hopefully with a better goalkeeper, and some creativity and pace on the wings to help out!!
  11. Thanks for that, I've changed the link now so that it works! The reason I chose them was becasue of the decent sized stadium, and because I wanted to ease myself into the game as I've never really managed at this low a level before!
  12. Hello All! I never done a challenge before and thought that I'd give this a try! I've always had a thing for the Belgian Leagues so am going to give it a go. So you are now looking at the new manager for [/url] K berchem Sport 2004. I hope I've done everything right, but if I haven't someone let me know and i'll start again doing it properly. The club expect a top half finish and the media prdict a respectable 7th position, so I'm hoping for a solid season! Hopefully this is the start to a long career save!!
  13. Toshiba NB300

    I'm currently running a samsung nc10 netbook, with 1 gb of ram. I have a large database, with league 1 and aove in england running, as well as the top divisions in Germany, Italy and Spain, and the game is running pretty smoothly tbh. Sometimes takes a while to process, but nothing bad. Also, don't expect the 3d match engine to work! Hope this helps!