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  1. I know it improves every year a little. I was wondering if there is anything in particular that you're looking forward to in 16.
  2. The thread title says it all... Does anyone know of any sales on 15? Thanks MM
  3. Im still getting slaughtered in this game here some stupid questions that might help me. 1) I scouted a player I could really use. His salary was 100 K US. But he had a release clause at 23 million. Does that mean that I would need 23 million plus in my transfer budget? 2) Does giving a "first team sub" player who is not getting any playing time, a game or two in the reserves, hurt his moral or just up his game? 3) If a great player is struggling with terrible form 5.3, 5.6 etc. Is it a good idea to send him to the reserve team to get his confidence back? Or does that just hurt his confide
  4. Heres MY stupid question for the day. On my last save I used to get scouting reports before each game on the other team. Since I started a new game with a much larger database and all nations and leagues playable. I dont get these scouting reports anymore. Where is the option to get the scout to do this for me. MM
  5. Its how well they play in that position. Bright green being the best and green being acceptable. You don't want players to be yellow or orange unless you have to and even then only for a limited time, like someone gets injured and thats all you have to replace them. You never want the red dot however. MM
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