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  1. Thanks for the reply again. His media handling is 'evasive, reserved' although I'm not sure what this was previously.
  2. Question for you @_Ben_ and indeed anyone else on the thread who has spent time on player personalities. I've got a youth player who looks a great prospect and has been promoted into the 1st team this season. I've had him in a mentoring group for a while and his personality changed to 'resolute' which I was delighted with. His determination was fine when he joined (14) but it jumped up to 16. Another couple of months on though and I received the same message saying squads mentality had had a positive impact. So I went to see if there had been a further change and he is now listed as 'light hearted'. No more changes in his determination though, he still sits at his improved rating of 16. Surely light hearted isn't a better personality than resolute?
  3. Looking forward to seeing how this goes actually. I'm quite heavy on individual focuses but I usually leave it for a whole season and then reassess the following pre-season.
  4. @smp20 Any chance of a screenie of all the competitions won by Managervich if you get a chance? Not kept up with the thread the whole way. Great thread.
  5. Also loving this layout.
  6. Not a clue how these Brazilian leagues run
  7. Wow Vinicius still only 17. What’s his potential ability star rating? Do you give that much notice or decide for yourself?
  8. I recall early in your Guadalajara thread you changed the colour of the positions on player profiles as you had noticed basically zero difference in players being ‘natural’ or ‘accomplished’, is this still the case?
  9. Jimbo what’s your reasoning behind always having your keeper on set pieces? Is it purely for a bit of fun? You must concede quite a few from counter attacks?
  10. Ah I see, cheers again mate. Started a new save last night and I’ve decided to use the colours rather than numbers and I plan on using a lot more excel sheets as well. Will take another look at it later.
  11. Sorry to bother you with another question mate but I'm still making my way through this thread and having another read of things I've already read I'm loving your take on things. On the above image under the attributes, have you got any shortcuts to getting the colours in to the relevant box for each player or is it purely checking the player on FM and then back into the spreadsheet and filling it in? I notice further up the thread you mention something about an html file. I know this is talking about something else but just wondering if you have a shortcut for this as well.
  12. @_Ben_ can I ask you for some tips in what you think is the best way to develop your youth? For example, in my current save I just took in a decent batch of youth players. Couple of them have good personalities, a couple have rubbish and the rest are ok (balanced). I already have control of individual training for them. It’s more the mentoring, loaning and what squads to have them in I’m interested in. I hate to have my first team squad bloated with youth players so I’d prefer them to be in my under 23 squad at the minute. But am I correct in saying if I want to try and mentor the bad personalities away then I need to have them in my first team? And should I keep them at the club for at least a year or two before I consider loaning them out for first team football? Assuming they still weren’t ready to be around my own first team at that point. I’m aware you may not want to be taken as gospel here but any thoughts would be great.
  13. Thanks, understand it better now. Your latest update was superb as well, great info. Keep it up mate.
  14. Only just came across this thread plus Mikaelinho’s. I don’t think I have the time or patience to go as in-depth as the both of you but I am absolutely fascinated reading it. Terrific work Just a question on the first picture of the quoted post. The numbers on the right hand side of the picture under the positions, am I correct in thinking this is calculated on what would be their best position in accordance with their attributes? So Espinosa is best suited as a full back according to his attributes? Also, I know the majority of the time their attributes will be best suited to what position they are already natural in, but if it’s not then I assume you retrain them to what position your percentages come out as? Any info on this would be great mate.
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