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  1. Yep, certainly seems to be an issue since the latest patch. Ping pong corners are happening so often it's silly.
  2. Very interesting thread. I am also using this formation in my current save and it is working very well indeed. I find that the key to this formation is definitely the use of a Half Back in front of the defense. With very attacking wing backs the half back tends to spend a lot of time dropping in to make a very capable back three on their own. I am using hassle opponents, but as mentioned by others I do struggle from midfield fatigue, perhaps I will dropping this and just getting the team to press higher - my thinking being that with essentially a midfield 5 (3+2 wing backs) if I squeeze the space then it should effectively hassle most teams anyway. As Wakey mentioned, my most common goal to concede is from passes (not crosses) from the wide positions, perhaps these being passes just again highlights how susceptible this tactic is out wide. Them having time and space to pick a pass as opposed to whipping balls into dangerous areas?
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