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  1. I played FM yesterday with no problems. Came to it today and for some reason it is asking me to install the game again. I have checked and its all there - the game, my shortlists tactics etc as well as the shortcuts etc but when I click on on the FM14 icon to load the game it just goes to the same screen asking to install it.

    I have no idea how to fix this - I am at my folks for Christmas and their internet connection is slow so dont think I'll be able to reinstall it so would appreciate any ideas on how to fix this.


  2. I've been trying to sign a player on a free for more than a season. He wants around £8k per week and I can only offer £6k. How ever much I tried to sign him and tried different clauses etc he refused to sign and preferred to be on a free. All of a sudden several clubs came in for him, including some in his native norway. All realised I couldn't compete so gave up trying to sign him. In the end he went to a norwegian club, who are only paying him £975 per week!

    Just had to share this as it was so random and also annoying.

  3. In a quick update to my getting sacked for no reason thread, Sam Alladyce (sp?) took over and they finished 15th, so its a good job they got rid of me when they did. I have managed to get the Barnsley job after they got relegated to league 2. My idea was to start a go with a decent team with some money and potential, rather than the usual league 1/2 small with no money challenge I normally do, but i've ended up there anyway!

  4. when you stand up watching the screen to pretend your patrolling the technical area

    That made me chuckle, glad i'm not the only one. I usually do it in tense games to stop myself chewing my fingernails down to the bone. I usually have to stop myself though when I involentarily start doing hand genstures to both pass on instructions to my players and appealing throwin decisions etc.

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