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  1. Thanks for the Basque fix for the new update! About to kick off a new save
  2. Republic of Ireland home friendlies in the Beta are being played in a 1,000 capacity University Sports Ground in Limerick. In reality, it is very rare for Ireland to play any friendlies anywhere other than in Aviva Stadium (the national stadium).
  3. Same here for me. There was no issue getting the key and activating in Steam.
  4. That's correct. North Korean players are not considered as foreign for the South Korean leagues.
  5. Raising a bug on the issue discussed here in case it was not yet raised. In the game, players are not being ineligible for other nations once playing more than 3 senior games for another country. The game appears to not be counting friendlies (I assume as a result of a misinterpretation of what constitutes an 'A' International). I posted a link to the FIFA rules on this in the thread. There is also an explanation of this on The Athletic article below which clarify that a player can play no more than 3 senior international games to switch (which includes friendlies); https://theathletic.com/4837533/2023/09/07/evan-ferguson-england-ireland-fifa-nationality-change/
  6. This is set up incorrectly in the game at the moment. Hopefully it is fixed for FM24. Once you play 4 games you are tied to that country, even if they are friendlies. However the 3 games played now can be qualifiers / nations league matches (whereas previously 1 competitive game made you ineligible to switch). This has been a big topic here in Ireland recently due to (incorrect) speculation about Evan Ferguson still being eligible for England. https://theathletic.com/4837533/2023/09/07/evan-ferguson-england-ireland-fifa-nationality-change/
  7. Same here, it's sitting there now ready for download. :-) I got it for €38.29 which is the cheapest price I could find for those paying in Euro.
  8. It's the percentage location of where attacks are being directed. In this example, AC Milan are directing 45% of their attacks down their right hand side (the opposition team's left hand side) versus 25% through the middle and 30% on the left. On the other hand, AC Milan are getting attacked only 14% down their left hand side (the opposition team's right hand side).
  9. You could play 3 World Cup qualifiers and still switch. But play a 4th game (even a friendly) and you can't switch.
  10. This is either a bug or the rules being misunderstood by SI. These are the rules on changing association after playing in a senior international match; i) was fielded in a match in an official competition at “A” international level in any kind of football for his current association; ii) at the time of being fielded for his first match in an official competition (at any level) in any kind of football for his current association, he held the nationality of the association which he wishes to represent; iii) at the time of being fielded for his last match in an official competition in any kind of football for his current association, he had not turned 21 years old; iv) was fielded in no more than three matches at “A” international level in any kind of football for his current association, whether in an official competition or non-official competition: v) at least three years have passed since being fielded for his last match at “A” international level in any kind of football for his current association, whether in an official competition or nonofficial competition; vi) has never participated in any kind of football at “A” international level in the final tournament of the FIFA World Cup or a final tournament of a confederation competition. In summary, to change the player has to; Have been u-21 when he played in his last official competition match (i.e. not a friendly) Played no more than 3 matches in any senior international match (AKA 'A' International) - the recent change here is that previously it was only in friendlies Have played zero times in a World cup finals or Euros / Copa America finals https://digitalhub.fifa.com/m/ccab990abf45fcf6/original/ro8mje8vw98yp3rvfbmi-pdf.pdf (See page 31)
  11. This page is your friend here ; https://worldfootballindex.com/2020/12/work-permits-premier-league-post-brexit-english-clubs-efl-libertadores/ But in a nutshell, you want them to be going to the highest quality league you can where they will play so they maximise they point they require to qualify for a work permit. Band 1 leagues: English Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A and Ligue 1. Band 2 leagues: Portuguese Primeira Liga, Eredivisie, Belgian First Division A, Turkish Super Lig and English Championship.
  12. I think the third tier in Northern Ireland is the lowest reputation playable league in the game, so at least from a reputation level would be as low as you can go.
  13. I have the same issue 4 seasons in even though I've been able to max the training facilities.
  14. As per title no overage players are allowed play in the rules however this was changed ahead of this season (2022). 4 overage players should be allowed; two u20 (i.e. 19) and two of any age. https://www.irishexaminer.com/sport/soccer/arid-40799793.html#:~:text=Two Under-20 players and,the Under-19's 2022 schedule. Can this please be corrected in the rules,
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