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  1. Anyone else come across this???
  2. Trying to install the update and it says 'error reading block 150'..Whats that all about??
  3. Alright folks, new here so take it easy. Bought the game on Friday...still can't get it installed. Firstly, the laptop I use to play FM has got an internet connection yet. Installed it there, rang to activate the game, said that it was complete but when I tried to load the game it just brought me back to the same activaton screen. I then tried installing it on my da's laptop but he got a bit defensive about using his work computer for games so had to uninstall. I want it on my old laptop but is there any way to install it without the internet or without ringing through to that unbelievably annoying automated machine? I have the game 5 days now and still havn't got a sniff out of yet