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  1. Haha alright, I will reseed when it is officially put up then
  2. Grant, can you verify if the torrent link that you posted earlier contains the correct file? I installed it and seem to be having no problems yet (although have not fully started playing). Also, if it is, will I have to hop onto a new torrent to help seed?
  3. No, I completed the download and now the link is gone. I'm still seeding it, but tellingly there's only 1 person I'm seeding to since now they've removed it. What's going on SI?
  4. Mine is flying at 600 kbps since I must be connected directly to SI's seed. It should be done really soon and I'll try to leave it on as long as I can for all of you guys so this torrent stays viable.
  5. Ha it's finally out on torrent, hopefully this goes fast enough...
  6. Well the 2008 MBP by default has the 9400M enabled, try enabling the 9600 GT instead? Idk if this is the real answer, just trying to help...