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  1. Hello, I'm trying to change some things in Polish lower leagues, but after few seasons there are definitely too many second teams in the highest division for them. How can I control the number of second teams in this division? Maybe adding new stage in advanced editor?
  2. Nope. It ony occure when upper league is the last active tier - no matter how much tiers are playable. I checked this with two situations: 3 leagues active - all Regionalliga (4th division) groups won by B teams - none of them gained to 3.Liga 5 leagues active - all 3 promoted teams were B teams
  3. Another example, from my last careere: First team (Munster) is playing in German 3.Liga (third division), three leagues above the second team. Reserves won their league (inactive), but didn't promote to upper active league.
  4. As in title, there are some second/reserve teams in lower league (inactive in my careere) and none of them promote to lowest active division. I tried to change this by ticking an option "Allow B teams to be promoted from lower division", but it doesn't work. How can I fix it?
  5. What about teams from French overseas departments and territories in French Cup? Are they playing correctly like in real-life cometition?
  6. claassen, do you have a list of countries with competitions added to database (new and changed records)?
  7. Please check continental qualification rules. When both of finalists of German Cup are qualified to European cups from Bundesliga, the last team is qualifying randomly from the rest of German teams.
  8. There is something wrong with German Cup. From season 2016/17 in first round some teams from lower leagues (up to Regionalliga) are playing against each other despite fact, that in real-life German Cup they can't do this.
  9. Hey, great work! I have one question about German Cup. Did you change anything in qualifying to this competition (especially from lower leagues and regional cups)?
  10. Thanks for your work. I have one question about your files - do you chenge anything in files after converting them to advanced rules?
  11. I changed play-off dates, but I still can't verify league rules. It says (after 2016 season), that number of teams in Regionalliga is 94, insted of 91 (correct number).
  12. Hey, can anybody check my lower German league advanced rules? I have a problem with promotion play-off to Regionalliga Nord. I don't know what's wrong with it. I tried my file in game, play-off is included in league rules, but this phase is not play. Here is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/v0dn8beb2ou12d0/Niemcy+-+6+liga_43741C42-5D1F-4EAB-AF2D-142B6BDAF222%282%29.fmf Thanks in advance.
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