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  1. thanks for that, seems perfect. Thanks for your comments. Excited now.
  2. cheers for that, yeah i saw you put it up on here and it did look really good, got my brother to look at the spec and he reckons its very good but was just wondering what it plays fm like. I presume 3D match engine runs really well and you can have loads of leagues loaded up?
  3. Just ordered this laptop http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ASUS_N56VM_1361862.html#DetailTop how is FM likely to run on this? Im not really up to speed on how computers work.
  4. getting crazy results, not enjoying playing the game at the minute. will start to play again once the match engine has been fixed its driving me mad.
  5. what do my tactics have to do with the ball bouncing off top class players and the likes of xavi and iniesta incapable of passing a ball 5 yards.
  6. I have experimented with my tactics as well as others, what is the relevance to your point? Match engine is terrible compared to fm12 i dont understand what tactics have to do with the match engine, please enlighten me!
  7. match engine is terrible, all goals are very similar and there is no attractive football. needs fixing asap gone downhill since fm12 im playing on 13.2.1
  8. had some strange results with v5 lost 9-1 away to Real Madrid with Barcelona. Still won the league and beat them 5-0 at home. not convinced about v5 but v6 was awful
  9. yes ive been using it with the full version. Played about 4 games scored lots but also conceded lots. Conceding a ridiculous amount of set pieces and crosses, any ideas as to how i can stop this? also what is best way to get team familiar with tactic? any advice would be appreciated think i like the tactic but defo need to alter how i defend corners.
  10. is this tactic for fmc or normal full game fm? thinking of starting a save with Barca and using this?
  11. Should i use tylerbode training with makalele's tactic ? I am currently using piranhna v6 and its not working THAT well i will try makaleles
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