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  1. Can someone suggest tactics (not formations, instructions) that will work for the team at the start of the game? No matter what I do, the team just isn't working well for me.
  2. It was after a game finished, and I'd pressed 'Continue' (or whatever the button says at the end of the game). I then moved to another window (Firefox) to browse a little as my computer can take a moment or two to load the next stages of the game and the Crash Dump box came up. It was pretty much the same way it occurred the previous times. If you need, I can upload the three or so crash dumps I had from before - all the same game. As said before, never had the issue when playing in the Prem/Championship (only other league I have trialled at the moment).
  3. I've uploaded both the crash dump file and the save game. Crash dump file - Roma 01.01.15 dump Game save - Roma FM Crash save Thanks - it had seemed to fix itself when I deleted and re-downloaded all the files, but it has since crashed after a game (admittedly for the first time in a month game time).
  4. Hello I'm playing as Roma in Football Manager 2015 and the game keeps crashing randomly (it usually happens after matches). It crashed after a Champions League game, then it went a week past next time and crashed after a Serie A game, so there doesn't seem to be a link to specific dates. Have never had the same issue playing in England, for some reason. I have the crash dump file if that is needed. Thanks
  5. Williams has been loaned out for a third season. Still has good potential but his stats just don't look great.
  6. I'm into season 3 after finishing 7th. The first two games of the season have seen me defeat Notts Forest at theirs and then Sunderland at mine. Big first test will be Man United away in the next game - typically, off to see family so will stew on that one for a bit. I ended up selling Ruidiaz, Munoz and Sergi Roberto for big money, buying in Will Hughes, Jonathan Silva, Jovic and a few other players to offset the players lost. Seems like I've become a bit of a buy-low/sell-high type club - not a bad thing at all really.
  7. Outside of Woodrow and Roberts, who else have you kept from the original squad? Anyone else really worth hanging onto?
  8. Finished season 2 7th in the Premiership. Had a lot of draws to start off with, but my team gelled better as the season went on. Didn't help that I lost Woodrow, Roberts and Perruzzi to long term injuries. Will need to re-build in the summer transfer window. Selling Ruidiaz, Valdes and a few others, so will need a replacement striker and goalkeeper for a start.
  9. It has changed as I got promoted in 2nd place and he had some % increase upon us ending up in the Prem. It was around 48,000 a week. If the loyalty bonus is the amount his signing on fee is, he got £1.4 million. I had been given more money to spend though, so wasn't a massive deal.
  10. Signed Victor Valdes in the January transfer window. Have Alex Smithies as my current goalkeeper, but couldn't turn down the opportunity to grab Valdes. Really excited for the signing, as he should strengthen my side as I push for automatic promotion.
  11. I've got to halfway through the season (finally) and am sitting in 4th place. I'm happy with my signings and how my team are playing, but I fear I'm doing my usual thing of just flinging money at players now for the sake of it. Bought an 18 year old Hungarian striker because I liked the look of him more than anything, and have bought about 3 different CBs as well. Transfer windows always get me too excited...
  12. Unfortunately, where I start and re-start, I don't necessarily have a standard way of attacking this problem. I tend to buy (based off of what I've seen in here): Balanta Peruzzi Alli Stevanovic Hansen I've also at times bought: Coric Saeter Wilson (on loan from Man United) Niang (on loan from AC Milan) Kramaric I always sell: Rodallega Zverotic Trotta I sometimes sell: Ruiz David (once, to free up some money) I've tried playing 3-5-2 and 4-5-1 (with a DM, an AMR and an AML), a 4-4-2 Diamond and a standard 4-4-2. With the 3-5-2, I tried to play with overlapping fullbacks, 4-5-1 by exploiting the flanks, and through the middle with the 4-4-2 Diamond. I play short possession passing, run at the defence and a couple of other instructions. I close down the short goalie passes, and play with a high tempo. I tend to avoid route one and shooting on sight. I don't really touch any of the cross instructions and how high my marking line is. Hope this at least gives you some indication of what I've tried to do.
  13. I just can't seem to get Fulham going at all. We ship loads of goals (even when I bolster the defence with players like Balanta and Perruzzi) and don't score often enough (just can't get McCormack or Woodrow playing like some of you do). Keep giving up after the first ten or so games, as I feel like my transfers don't seem to improve my team, yet when I buy hardly anyone, my team still struggles.
  14. Anyone want to suggest how best to use some of the players already at the club? What tactics/instructions/roles to people use for players like: Ross McCormack George Williams Chris David Patrick Roberts Cheers
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