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  1. What has happened to Anderson seems to have been butchered in this version and also since when has Giggsy been from wales and Sierra Leonean?
  2. I may be a tit for asking this question but how can i see a players rating during a game or has this been removed, i cant find it.
  3. FM10: Official Bargain Thread

    Player: Jorge Andrade Club: Unemployed Your Team:Most Price:Free. Worth a punt me thinks.
  4. FM10 Official Request A Screenshot Thread

    Lukaku, Sakho, Franci Zuculini, Balotelli, Toni Kroos, Wilson Palacios and the mighty Jermain Degoal. Thanks again.
  5. FM10 Official Request A Screenshot Thread

    Any chance some of you guys can post a couple of screenies of the top youngsters please... My internet is from the space age so its gonna take a while to download the demo and i'm interested in seeing what they look like at the start. Thanks in advanced.
  6. Yet again MAC users have been forgotten about! Might save my pennies on this years version!
  7. Bogy Teams

    West-ducking-brom!!! i hate them sooooo!
  8. So who is truly the best?

    You are a wee bit deluded if you think Essien is better than Xavi and Iniesta. yes Essien is WORLD CLASS but Xavi and Iniesta are from another planet. The two best central mids in the world currently by a country mile...!!!
  9. why o why did SI make the fatal mistake of programming in an activator. maybe its time they start to think of some ways to fix the problem. maybe they could send all users that are experiencing these problems and the many others with other faults a replacement copy with the activator stripped out. I've been buying FM and champ man series for as many years as i can remember and this game and the support from the "official website" (apparently) has put me off for life. Thank you SI OneHappyCustomer
  10. Thanks for the help but as i stated in my earlier post i have a mac. Thanks
  11. i have entered it and it still says incorrect. had to delete and reinstall both the game and the patch... only9.0.2 as 9.0.3 still requires activation. :o(
  12. Ive got the mac boxed version and patched to 9.0.3. half way through the 1st season it stated my game needed activating after having the game from release day without any activation prompts what so ever. I entered the keycode on the back of my manual and it states "The serial number validation failed. Please ensure you entered the correct serial number. Key is incorrect length" any help......???PLEASE
  13. Florin Bratu - any had him before?

    shi*te player. 1 goal no assist's and played over 30games for my spurs side that finished 5th first season. good wages of 7.5k per week.
  14. is juan manuel mata from valencia worth buying at the start of season 1 for 2.5mil?