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  1. Maintaining League Reputation

    Money isn't the issue. The league is very wealthy. I would have no problem with fluctuations of reputation. The issue is that this particular league's reputation has not shown an ability to appreciate, just depreciate.
  2. Maintaining League Reputation

    Not sure. The star rating of the league is dropping from 4.5 to 4 consistently after the first year, sometimes waiting as long as the second. But it still is dropping. I've created a number of domestic cups in hope to boost reputation, but it doesn't seem to work in maintaining the league reputation. At the start the league is capable of signing some of the best players in the game, which is the point of the database, but I fear after 4-5 years the clubs won't be able to anymore. I'm wondering if a strong domestic league isn't enough, and I'll have to make significant improvements to the continental competition's reputation. What other factors decide league reputation? If international results by the national team factor in then that may be the big issue here.
  3. Maintaining League Reputation

    I'm currently working on a custom database outside of Europe. I have set the starting reputation on equal footing to the top leagues in Europe(Spain, England, etc), but like clockwork after a few years of simming the league reputation falls down the list I have a feeling this has to do with not having a comparable tournament to the Champions League. Any tips of maintaining my league's reputation?
  4. Editor crashes every time on launch. Have a macbook. Please help!
  5. Editor

    Same thing here.
  6. FM 2012 Editor

    The editor keeps on crashing on opening on my macbook! Can't open the editor.
  7. Steam Pre-load Active Now for FM12

    How does one get that privilege?
  8. Question regarding FM12 Data Editor

    What's the reasoning behind not releasing the editor via pre-load this year?
  9. Steam Pre-load Active Now for FM12

    No editor in the pre-load? How frustrating.
  10. Preparing for FM 2012 question

    Yours do work? I'm hoping just by inputting new data(cities, long/lat, clubs) and not editing players, structure, transfers, etc, I could hopefully transfer the info into FM 2012. Thanks for the reply, anyone else that can also help clarify the situation?
  11. Preparing for FM 2012 question

    I'm working on a large custom database for FM 2012. Question is, can I already get some of the data input work done now? I would like to know what, if any, data can be carried over to the new editor/database from the current fm 2011 one. If it matters, I am not editing previous information, but rather adding cities and new clubs. Thanks
  12. A thread for some advanced editing tips

    Anyone know if/where I would be able to edit the ethnicity outcome percentages of new-gens? I'm creating an American database and I'm looking to up the amount of African Americans that appear. Thanks.
  13. Quick question regarding new patch

    I'm currently working on a large custom league. When the new patch comes out, will my current work have to be redone? Sorry if this is a simple question.
  14. Creating a Club Help: Attendances/Stadiums

    I can't seem to find an in-game editor that works. The curse of having WWSM and not FM. I may just have to go the same way as you Matty Kyle and just give myself a set maximum capacity and just live with it.
  15. Creating a Club Help: Attendances/Stadiums

    Great. Thanks for the quick response. Now for a second question: Creating a stadium. I'm not closed to the option of having a new stadium built(if I am successful enough), but I also want the ability to continue expanding my own stadium. The drawback is I don't want to feel like I'm tampering too much with the engine and taking the fun/unexpectedness out of the game. I can set the maximum seat expansion of my original stadium BUT if I can, I would rather it be decided by the computer 'behind closed doors' so to speak. So by putting 0 is that just randomizing it like it does throughout the editor in other categories or is it giving no room at all for expansion? Damn, I wish they came out with a thorough manual just for the editor sometimes.