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  1. I take all the comments on board. We all want the game to be the best it possibly is for sure. To be fair my post was not a rant nor was it demanding the release to the demo. This years demo has will be released closer to the main release than any other year. Should I expect it at least a week before the main release every year, then no. That is SI's decision. I am not arguing with it. I just wondered why the change from 'the norm' so to speak.
  2. Thank you for the title change. I did think after it would create a lot of confusion. Thanks for the honest reply. I do appreciate that and creating the best possible game is what we all want. Maybe I do not understand the complicated nature of releasing a demo and the amount of time and resources needed for it. The demo will be released.... I just fail to see the difference to SI if it is a week before or 2-3 days before. Yet for FM fans I feel it would make a big difference.
  3. Just to make it clear this is not a 'when will it be released thread.' I am talking about FM 2014 demo but just because this a thread regarding the demo does not mean it should be automatically closed. I would be annoyed if a mod did close just because of the thread title. FM 2014 will be released in less than six days time. Basically I feel the demo of FM 2014 should have been released by now. On twitter Miles says that the FM2014 Demo will be released 'sometime next week'. So in other words Monday would be the earliest possible date. https://twitter.com/@milesSI I am not screaming out for the demo, it will come out when it does. However given FM 2014 is out on the 31st then releasing the demo at the most 3 days before seems pretty pointless and defeats the object of the demo. I completely understand that SI are under no obligation to release a demo, and it is great that they do, but to release it at the earliest (according to Miles) three days before the main/proper release feels like a slap in the face. In previous years the demo was at least a week before the main game which seemed fair. Is there any real point in releasing the demo a few days before the main release? I accept that there is a beta... But that is for people who have pre-ordered the game. SI have done that for financial reasons. Guaranteed pre order and receive this etc. I am not dissing that as it makes financial sense and enticing the customer. But I feel that the people who have not pre-ordered the game for what ever reason have been let down somewhat. I for one would like to play the demo before I decide to get the actual game, having not purchased FM2013 I thought I would see how the game has progressed in the past two years. I feel to much emphasis has been put into the Beta at the expense of the demo. I mean why have one and then half-hearty release the demo at such a late date. I think why bother with the demo. Another reason why I have not pre-ordered is If I did want to get the game, then I would get the boxed version to have a physical copy if that makes sense. I realise a lot of people will have pre-ordered and have access to the beta but for those that have not then releasing the demo at best three days before the main game is a little unfair imo. It seems that SI think everybody has the beta.... We are concentrating on that... But what about the people who do not? Pre order or tough luck? A release of the demo a week before or today (Friday) would give people to try out the game the weekend before. Maybe it is only me but I do not understand why SI have chosen to do this. As this has never happened before. I suppose the answer is the beta. No rant. Just me thoughts.
  4. Thanks for sharing the videos USMNT10! Very informative indeed.
  5. PA is the potential ability of a player. Simply put the better PA the better potential that they can become (but that is very misleading. Really they have the potential to a higher score, and that does not necessary relate to the football field). HOWEVER looking at numbers in that respect is very misleading. AS it depends on which attributes a player excels in or their attribute distribution. I have seen many players have 170-190 in PA and achieve that PA. But I have seen many players with PA 150-170 achieve it and be better than the former bracket players. PA is just a score of their given attributes (rather general and not position specific). It does not determine how good that player is in a given position. % Ratings shows the potential % of a player in their best position. This takes into consideration of what the players attributes will become relative to a position on the pitch. So very generally speaking then % rating is more accurate to determine how good a player will become as it relates a player to their best position. Where as PA just adds up a score based on all their attributes. Of course if a player has a very high PA say 195 and a % rating of 75%, then as the manager over time it is up to you to develop that players attributes in order to distribute them to the best of his ability in a given position. And then over time the 75% could turn into 80% for argument sake. So given your example we would need to look at the attributes, but the % ratings are very similar. Trofimov is maxed out. He can still improve his % rating but he needs to free up some PA, so decline in a few non essential attributes so he can improve handling as an example. But as he is maxed out, that will be a slow process and therefore he will not improve much. Baggio has 30 points to play with and his rating % is very similar to that of Trofimov. So with the correct training then Baggios % rating will exceed Trofimov if he is to realise his PA. However for I know Baggio could be 35 and not realized his potential. But I would think he is still relatively young. So Baggio is better or rather will become the better player. But that is based on me. By that is my ability to get my player to realise their PA which in my opinion is relatively simple as long as you have a decent understanding of FM. Also a person viewpoint of Genie scout and how accurate it is come into play. And my experiences says it is a very good tool to judge a players ability.
  6. If somebody could tell me whether you can edit continental competitions, e.g. the European Cup/Champions League I would greatly appreciate it. I have never used the editor before as I had no need, but if I could edit the Champions League then that would be great. I would like to revert it to the previous format pre 2000.
  7. Eternal/Recent rivals could be a good suggestion, I like that. However you say Tottenham and Newcastle could never be rivals because they are at opposite side of the country. That would be a derby or rather not a derby game as opposed to a rivalry. So Tottenham/Newcastle could not be a derby but could be a rivalry. They are two different things. In the proper sense then a derby is between local teams although you could make a point of Barcelona/Real Madrid being the EL Clasico Derby. But as the name mentions it is the classic rather than derby. That is a superb suggestion and would be great immersion for the manager. As the managers do play a major role in the rivalry of clubs as I mentioned a few posts above.
  8. Every thread like this one gets closed. I.e. asking if there will be a dark skin this year. However the amount of these threads shows the level of demand for a dark skin on release. I hope there will be but I don't think there will be one going on the news this year and last years edition not having one.
  9. IMO given that Barca/Man Utd played two finals and a semi final in four years then a Top level European rivalry was created. But it is opinion and perception like you say. But the same does apply to the players in terms of icons/legends etc. And some people have complained about them before or you as the manager may think hey where is player x he should be there if players y is. It is impossible to get it perfect. I have gone on too much now! But at least the thread is getting some decent discussion which is what the forum is about.
  10. But then we have to leave it to FM's perception or rather the code to determine the dynamic rivals. And I am pretty sure given FM over the years then SI and FM would not introduce a feature that was half arsed. But I do agree with you in as much there may be a reason why it has not be introduced yet. Either it is not high on their to do list, or it is but they are struggling/may take a few years. Although I have a gut feeling that it will be in FM15.
  11. Also Milner these incidents cannot be replicated in FM. But they do not create the rivalry. They are often the result of a rivalry. Take Man utd/Arsenal. In the late 90's early 00's they were big rivals. And then there was the 'pitch brawl' or rather handbags at Old Trafford and also the pizza gate. These events often take place because of the rivalry they do not make the rivalry. Just like Barca and Real Madrid in recent seasons. Simply put these incidents cannot happen in FM and cannot not influence the rivalry points score because they could not possibly exist. So it is a no point for me. You have to be realistic, yes FM is a simulation, put somethings just cannot be shown. But not that they should influence the rivalry in FM because it would be impossible. Or maybe FM will create pizza gate again! Hahaha
  12. I disagree. As you keeping talking about Barca/Chelsea regarding one incident in the first game. Yes it happened and it did crank up the heat in a kind of grudge way like the Arsenal/Stoke manner. I.e. An incident. But I call that as 'heat' or 'animosity'. But we are talking about rivalry's in this thread. And the rivalry was created as I mentioned above... They were rivals in Europe for a sustained period of time. Whether or not the Frisk things happened is irrelevant. As the rivalry was built up because they were two footballing powerhouses of the CL and played each other in many big games. In FM they get the rivalry points form playing each other in the business end of the CL over a period of time and gaining many rivalry points.
  13. And leading onto a slightly different point would be managerial rivalries......
  14. First if all...... Arsenal/Stoke..... Chelsea/Barcelona Arsenal/Stoke was a one-off match....... They play in a league so by definition they will play each other at least twice.... Again please bare in mind a standard deviation score. Chelsea and Barcelona was not a one off match.... If memory serves me correct..... Since 2004 they played each other in the knockout rounds of the CL on four occasions... that is four times in eights years. That includes two semi-finals. And in that period of time they have won the competition 4 times between them and reached 5 finals. Each season in the CL they two of the best teams which was reflected in what they achieved and the betting. So they were fighting for the CL and thus played each other many times in that particular 'era'. Yes I agree there were goings on but that could only happen in the first place because they played each other many times at the business end of the CL.
  15. That is not a rivalry. Pleas read my definition of a rivalry.... 'Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.' In your example QotS are not challenging for the title. The end of season positions in the league would determine the points rivalry. QOS and Hibs would score few points in 'their' rivarly for that period. and as such.... not rivals. Causes it to die off? The rolling score! When the cut of date... be it every five or ten years... then if they are below it goes. Rivalries over 1 or 2 games are not the norm but the exception. I would argue Stoke and Arsenal is not a rivalry..... Again please read the definition of a rivalry. That would be called a grudge match/heated animosity between the two teams. Because of one tackle. And there is a big difference between that and that of a rivalry.
  16. Back to the Scottish example if Queen of the South for example played Hibs six times per season in the SPL over the course of say 5/6 seasons and they both finished in the top two each year. Hibs 1,1,2,1,2,2 and QotS 2,2,1,2,1,1 then that would be a rivalry. As the formula points score would create the rivalry. The definition of rivalry...... ' Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.'
  17. Do they rivalry's die off? They are dynamic.... What do you think! But joking aside then yes they would. Maybe take a ten year rolling system.... Similar to the European coefficient points for example. But the changes are not a year on year basis.
  18. Take a standard deviation then....... Problem solved for you Scottish example. Is it the same as the players in terms of difficulty then no. If I made it appear so in the beginning then my fault.
  19. Given the technologically advanced in the game that have occurred in recent years I don't think this addition would be reinventing the wheel. I am not saying it would be easy, but for me very doable. Parameters would be games played against each other. Take Chelsea and Barcelona in real life. They have never been rivals to my knowledge. Yet that was changed a few years ago when they met in the CL and played many games against each other over a period of time. The best in Spain against the best in England. Playing at the business end of the competition coefficients could also come into force. You would have to be very careful, so you don't have lots of rivals, but just like the favoured personnel it would be a gradual process. The players would have parameters like if a player plays 200/300 games etc/competition wins scores 200 goals then they get onto the list. Just like with the example above with Newcastle and Spurs, they contested the league for three consecutive years and hence they should become rivals. Just like IRL with Man Utd and Chelsea in say 2005 when they were the two tops teams in England for say 5/6 years and played in many 'big games', FA Cup final/CL Final. And the same would apply to all levels of football. The definition of rivalry...... ' Competition for the same objective or for superiority in the same field.' If FM cannot come with a formula to show a few rivalry's on your club information screen over the years then it is a bad job for me. You could go on all day saying you can't do this or that. But you could put an obstacle to anything. You have to be creative and optimistic. Ultimately you would have a number between teams. And if that number passes and certain score then the rivalry is created. Of course this would not happen overnight, it would take a number of years and it would be hard to pass that certain number. There would also be geographical rivalry's. But I think that would be self explanatory. I am not saying the above is perfect but just my thoughts.
  20. It is possible to edit existing league competitions, but does anybody know if you can edit existing continental competitions, e.g. the Champions League/European Cup?
  21. I fail to understand how club legends, icons and favoured personnel change over time yet club rivals do not. Seems strange to me. Surely if you can do one you can do the other. As people have said within this community it has been requested for years. Seems a no brainier for me. And yet relatively simple compared to many other features.
  22. In answer to the question, then yes it can be improved. But like chestermike says, it can not be trained per se, like many of the other attributes. So it is just a case of waiting over a long period of time. I don't have FM13, but on FM12 you can see how player's attributes have improved over the years by clicking on the natural fitness attribute and seeing the progression through the attribute development tab. I would like more of a link between natural fitness and stamina. Because for me you can't really be good at one at not the other. A bit like pace and acceleration. But that is open to debate I suppose. If someone has superb stamina then surely by definition or 99% of the time they are going to be pretty naturally fit. And if someone is naturally a fit person/athlete they are going to have good stamina. Again there are exceptions. But for the most part I thin that holds pretty true. I think some of the natural fitness improvements in player attributes over time are not very consistent, but I suppose that is down to each individual player. They don't really seem to follow much of a pattern. Or rather I don't see what hidden qualities/attributes determine the attainment fate of natural fitness. Overall, looking at the players in my save, which is mostly newgens, the average increase in natural fitness seems to be about 2/3 points. Some players have not progressed very well 0-1, while others as much as 4. Edit: So as to the player in question, I can't see him improving his natural fitness any higher than 8. Even getting to 7 would be pretty impressive indeed. Can he play two games in a week? You could work on his stamina, so during a game he will not tire as much. And maybe sub him after 60/70 minutes so his condition does not fall too much. And also it depends on what level of condition you would be prepared to play him?
  23. Yes I do see that. Although testimonials are a staple diet of football, and have been for many years. It does seem odd that they do not exist in FM, due to the amount of detail that SI do cover. It seems to be a logical idea (One that has been mentioned for a while now) and something that would be easy, or rather not too difficult to implement. A few news items, and then an option to arrange a friendly in the close season against a club. And a bit more 'fuss' rather than a normal friendly in terms of new information. Player A played for x Club for 15 years, making his debut against x club, playing x amount of games and scoring x amount of goals. Maybe a bit about his achievements, his reputation, his personality.... etc etc. Just a paragraph, a bit like the players bio, but maybe a bit more descriptive of the individual player rather than just the players bio repeated. Just a few set templates would be enough. In order to avoid repetition. Yourself, Herbert and Neil seem to think there are so many other features that would come above this. I am not saying this is the world greatest idea. It is a good idea that does not seem unrealistic and would bring FM that bit more realism and immersion. And would increase the interaction levels which would be nice and quirky. Out of hundreds of new features/things that get added each year, I can not agree that there are tens and tens and even hundreds that come above this.
  24. I would differ from this opinion. In terms of the testimonial itself, then yes I agree it is a glorified friendly. But for me it is more about a long serving players being rewarded for their loyalty and commitment. In today's game spending ten years at one club is not a common occurrence. It is more about FM being as realistic as possible. I think the word we are looking for is immersion. The testimonial itself is of little importance. But more the meaning of what it represents. Rewarding a player for his services to the club. Kudos. Having a few news items, maybe presenting the player with a medal or something would be a nice touch. Not by a picture, just a news item. FM is about game play and everything else that goes with it but a few nice little quirks every now and again in your management journey would be pretty cool.
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