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  1. Two contracts in a few months then. Thanks.
  2. Flanagan and Hoggas done in the database Kana is 2023 https://www.rsca.be/nl/kana2023
  3. He is at RFC Liege in the database - but an error in the end date of his loan ...
  4. Pretty sure these values are spread over more than one season ... Thats how they they are put in the database - sponsorship over x years depending on the length of the contract. Mouscron is that amount over 5 years.
  5. All logged. Problem with Pinto and Nakamura is that they are both attached to Japanese clubs and that those aren't loaded due to a licencing issue.
  6. Muleka has potential -75, which makes him a future star. Bokadi has been registered in Congo as been born in the year 1992 and in Belgium in 1996. We have adjusted it to 1996 Nicaise is technical director now in the game. There's no option to be a vice president, so Michel Preud'homme will be just a director as he isn't involved in the daily decision making anymore.
  7. Claes and Dante are at RWDM in the full game. Lavye and Abderrahmane came from other leagues, so didn't have access to correct them all. Anyway, they ll be fix in the next data update patch after the full release.
  8. Values was a general issue - not a real database issue. Definitely for younger players. It should be fixed in the full game, but it had a lot to do with a corona market scenario with clubs having less money.
  9. Values have been an issue - definitely for younger players.
  10. They are all at the right club in the final database, but thanks for logging.
  11. I had already noticed it. His attributes have had an update - don’t know why the finishing was so low. Anyway: he should be scoring more in the next build.
  12. As they need an U19 league in the game, it’s the only solution. Regional structure much too complicated for just D3.
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