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  1. I will check this one in the database - but might be a coding issue too
  2. That’s something for the league specific issues. They should have the right dates. It’s coding, not a database issue.
  3. The problem is that some staff at smaller clubs wouldn't be even loaded into the game. It's the case for instance for players.
  4. They are all in the database - but don't know it by hear: probably not 16 before September so won't be extracted.
  5. That one will be fixed in the January update - as the data are locked right now.
  6. Felice Mazzu was sacked two days ago. A bit of patience would be fine. Thanks for logging.
  7. Lavalee has got the little boost. The others have been logged - but will probably only make the january update. Thanks for logging.
  8. Selemani is banned in the final version. That one has been added - as we were waiting for the appeal. Traore is added to the list - if he's missing. Brighton should have Union SG listed as it in the database. A strange one.
  9. They should all be changed in the final version. They were already on a mistakes list, so thank for logging them.
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