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  1. help problem

    I have the exact same problem as prozedotman, but I'm a bit hesitant to do what you've suggested because I've looked in the folder you've suggested deleting but there seem to be lots of important files in there, e.g. all the files in the "settings" folder. Are you sure that deleting the folder you've mentioned won't just permanently damage my game?
  2. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Danny, might just have a solution mate. Did you install via uniloc? Uninstall it and reinstall via Steram. It's now working on mine after I did this, it will only let me view matches in 2D and I get the problem I described in the post above where the arrow on the screen you move about with the mouse flickers, but at least I can play the game. Let me know how you get on.
  3. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Has anyone else had a problem where their mouse's pointy arrow thing which sometimes becomes a hand or a football on the game (don't know the technical term lol) keeps flashing, and if they minimize the game with the windows logo button on their keyboard, then try to re-open the game, they just get a black screen? Really bugging me. And if anyone who had a condition like epilepsy tried to play the game with the bug I've got, they'd be in some serious trouble...
  4. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    Sorry, that link went nowhere! http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?familyid=5493F76A-6D37-478D-BA17-28B1CCA4865A&displaylang=en Try downloading that, worked for me!
  5. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

  6. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    I had exactly the same problem on my upstairs computer!!!! Got the latest editions of DirectX and everything but it won't run. The only difference I get is a message after about 30 secs of the flickering L saying "fm.exe has encountered an error and needs to close. Do you wish to send an error report?" Really annoying me, at least I can play on my downstairs computer but it is still insisting the patch is not a valid win32 application ad I've reinstalled it like 5 times now!!! There are so many problems and it seems like the FM team don't know quite how to deal with them! Still waiting for a reply on why my 3D match engine no longer works!!!
  7. 9.2 Editor

    Just set up a new user as Man City, buy one of your current team's rubbish players for about £30m, then resign as City boss.
  8. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    According to my computer, the 9.2.0 patch is "not a valid win32 application". HELP!!!!! I've had so many problems with this game, first the activation problems we all had, then I had a problem with the data editor, and THEN, I had the problem Reeed had where I couldn't load my game, I reinstalled my game thinking it may help, but now the option for a 3D match engine is greyed out and I can only watch in 2D. I know it's not a problem with my graphics system because it worked fine before I reinstalled it. Now I go to download the latest patch but can't because of this damn "win32" message. I'm getting fed up with spending hours on end trying to make this game work. The big selling point of FM was always that it was very realistic and detailed, but also easy-to-use; not so this year. I really hope SI don't lose a lot of customers over the vast amount of problems with this game because they've produced some great games down the years but personally, if FM2010 is just as difficult to get working I won't be buying FM2011.
  9. Players' ages...

    Noticed a few incorrect ages at Northampton Town. Jon Marzetti, Alexandros Konstantinou, Odysseas Economides and Paul Walker are all 10 years older than they should be. For example it may says Economides' year of birth is 1981, whereas in fact it is 1991. Not sure if this is because of incorrect information from one of your researchers or if it is because of some sort of bug. Just thought I'd let you know so you can change it on your database.
  10. Please help!!!

    Yes, I have downloaded the patch and I am using the patch's database. And this ( C:\[chosen installation path]\Steam\steamapps\common\football manager 2009\tools\data editor\data editor.exe) is indeed how I get to the editor. Should I be doing it a different way? I'm running on XP. I'll do the defragmentation, virus scans etc etc, but how do I get more RAM? :confused: Thanks for your help.
  11. Please help!!!

    Reinstalling it didn't work. Anyone know how to deal with an "Unhandled Exception" error? PLEASE?????????
  12. Please help!!!

    I'm now reinstalling the game, hopefully that'll sort the Data Editor problem.
  13. Please help!!!

    OK Cheers.
  14. League Table BUG

    So you're complaining that it's putting you up a few places and giving you a EURO Cup space? Frankly, I can see an up side to that!
  15. Please help!!!

    Aha, found it. 504MB of RAM. Is this enough?