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  1. I can't ask steam for help, as their support page doesn't have the game listed for me to ask a question about it, I've tried all the various ways to get a game to start (none of them are my particular "unknown" error) failed to start game (unknown error) is what I keep getting I'm running windows 7, amd fx8350 with a radeon HD 7850...all drivers updated
  2. It's all whatever though, I just purchased the game... Thanks SI for resurrecting it !!
  3. oh yeah? and SI Games has nothing to do with any of it? They didn't choose this avenue to deliver their games? They didn't create the logos and text? Steam is just using trademarked stuff with no regard for anything? Thanks AaronV...your input is completely disregarded
  4. What's the deal? It says on Steam there is a 20% discount for a limited time, if the time limit is up take the discount text off of steam as there is no discount...don't start getting lazy like EA Sports the sigames website says "There's also good news for owners of any Football Manager title, as you can get 20% off EHM:EA now by pre-purchase." >> http://www.sigames.com/news/eastside-hockey-manager-back Nothing about the limited time being up on twitter or facebook...
  5. you keep attacking and score another goal to put the game away! If I'm not a juggernaut team/one I've built up I'll normally try to sub out the tired players (especially midfielders) and if I can (if I even have them) I'll squeeze in the more teamwork/work rate orientated players in the squad while doing this just to keep the team fresh and battling for the rest of the game in hopes they don't get overrun late in the game
  6. pr0 is there an editor file to rename the competitions/leagues/cups that works with yours? (maybe you've already done this in the editor files and I need to load the game up and see) thanks for the update either way
  7. I have mainly media/league name updates and the update pack by pr0 the league name at least (maybe the media too didn't check) editor data files no longer work with the new 13.3 database (didn't check the pr0 update files either) what can I do to correct this, and why is it happening? Can I just open them all up with the new database and save them again, basically linking them to the new database? I haven't used the actual data editor for anything major in years so I basically have no clue any help is greatly appreciated
  8. loading it up right now! it's really bad ass Pierre van Hooijdonk, the leeds team that went to the champions league, the crazy gang at wimbledon, Ally McCoist, Emile Heskey back at liverpool, maybe some throwback chairmen? the guys from rangers and blackburn that spent all that money, the russian at portsmouth when they won the FA Cup, wonderkids that ended up horrible failures like freddy adu, francis jeffers, and theo walcott would be cool to see in the update
  9. I don't know how many of you championship managers play with a target man, but a big burly bugger up front is going to get me into the prem, or sacked, so lets share some knowledge about championship level target men I'm managing Millwall in the championship, using the pr0 updated FM database released today, I need a target man, I've raised just under 700k pounds through player sales so far I want a big(bigger) named veteran (30+ years old) or a physically gifted player who didn't live up to his potential (Stephen Makinwa/Ishmael Miller/Andrea Caracciolo types) but causes problems with jumping, strength, and/or pace Some players I'm trying to bring in/scouted are: Ariza Makukula David Trezeguet Luca Toni Stephen Makinwa Heidar Helguson Erjon Dogdani Shefki Kuqi Vincenzo Iaquinta Michalis Konstantinou Alan Lee Clive Platt Ishmael Miller Julio Cruz Angelos Charisteas Brian Ching Kikin Fonseca Nwankwo Kanu What are some of your suggestions? *can a mod put FM12 into my threat title, sorry I messed that up
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