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  1. 1. Graphics, graphics, graphics!! Take note of LMA manager! I would like to see stadiums, set away allocations etc and see a record of attendances, home and away. 2. Tickets. We should be able to set or propose an increase/decrease in season tickets to the board, or match tickets/away tickets. I would also like to see an option if the club would put on coaches/travel etc. 3. MERCHANDISE!! I would love to be able to see a feature where we can design a shirt every season if we wish, I would like to see stats on merchandise sold, clothing, accessories, just something to read, we all love stats on FM. 4. Transfers!!! I am sick to death of being forced to pay 30-40m for a 16 year old with potential!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Realistic please!
  2. The last screen shot, just signed him for £10M. AMAZING!!!!!
  3. I got Van Der Vart offered to me for £8.5M from Real Madrid. (first season) He made my season. I made sure every player had their right training schedule, I made sure all my training areas had 5 stars (coaches). I then sold David Wheater at the end of the season for £35.5M to Real Madrid, and with that money I got Chretien for 6M (amazing player.) I also got Mathiue (french player) for £8M. Sold Robert Huth for £9M to bayern munich, Chris Riggot to Derby (£2.5M) and used my youth team for backup for defenders. With the erst of my money I got Kacar for £12.5M (serbian player) and Cardozo (£4M). I finished 4th in my first season ahead of united whilst winning the League cup (but I played all lower teams in the league cup) I finished level with United on same points but I had the one goal difference. I got £25M tv rev etc which then Mr Gibson improved the stadium from 35.000 to 42.000. I'm requesting to move stadium but I doubt he will accept. Anyways this is besides the point! My team: That's unfair if I'm boro and they have lower expectations and I win more than you yet i dont get on as a fav!
  4. Definitely. I remember with Barcelona I won around 6 league titles, 4 championship titles and a couple of spanish cups within 8 years. Surely the crowd would think.. mmmm favourite!
  5. How long did it take? I want to become a Middlesbrough favourite before I join another club (outside of England). I rejected offers from Manchester United (sir alex retired) and Napoli in Italy, Osason (cant remember the club name) from Spain.
  6. Hey, Can managers (first person managers, such as us) become a clubs favourite/icon/legend? I've won every single trophy possible with Middlesbrough (premiership, champions league, fa cup, carling cup - got the community shield this year) and I'm not on the clubs favourite yet the enws bullton says something like the fans applaud me and "love" me. (I'm about to start my third season, finished 4th in my first ahead of Man Utd) I spent around 8 seasons with Barcelona with fm07 and I also wasn't on their favourites either. Can we become favourites or not?
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