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  1. Thanks for your feedback @Shinyua. As discussed on mail I would be happy to have you on board as the Chennai City researcher. Please allow me some time to get back with feedback on all the points you have mentioned. All the missing players you mentioned are very much in the game though so not sure why they are not showing up for you. Please try with a new save?
  2. Hi @Shinyua Thanks a lot for all your feedback. Please find below response to your valuable feedback - 1) ISL is not in the game for licensing reasons, However all ISL teams and their players are fully updated. All players - including the ones you mentioned - Mashoor, Tarif, Bora are all in game. I however respectfully but whole heartedly disagree with your statement 'Bora is the next big player in India' - that is however a subjective discussion and one I'd be happy to debate with you! 2) You say 'player positions are outdated, stats are chaotic' - please let me know which play
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