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  1. Penalty kicks

    ah right damn me, its a shame was on an unbeaten run was winning 1-0 could of made it 2-0 went onto loosing 3-2
  2. I have scored 1 out of 5 Jovanovic missed 1 rest of them by Gerrard. I know some people say it happens in football, ovcourse it does but all the missed penalties have been hit wide.
  3. Least used game feature.

    I never appeal when my player gets a red card, it never works for me.
  4. Bug :(

    I dot know if its my laptop. But last night the game was working perfect. Av just loaded the game everything seemed perfect until i chose my team and tried clicking submiting team. The screen just reloads and the game doesnt proceed.
  5. ah, dont worry mate sorted it thanks
  6. i cant upload a video on youtube it seems to be greyed out?
  7. Loving it atm. Just one thing that is annoying me is the fact that so many transfers are going on. In the current financial climate and the fact that many clubs such as chelsea and united have said they arent going to sign anymore players unless they feel they really need to. So I think the game needs to calm down in the amount of transfers take place.
  8. How can i work the set pieces creator? thanks
  9. how do we do the free kicks thing?
  10. directx taking the ****
  11. Am taking laptop into lecture!
  12. wen i click install the page jsut reloads?
  13. Arrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bollocks just broken my f5 button and only few minutes to go