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  1. Hi Tyler, First of all, thanks for the awesome tactic. I've been using it for 3 seasons now and its working a treat. I felt that I was losing out on the full abilities of my wingers (Ronaldo and Silva) so I made the following changes and am finding that they are now a little more dangerous. Also, I'm having problems tracking down people who are naturals in ML and MR position so here is how I tweaked the tactic: ML and MR Creative freedom no longer on team but on the first (lowest) notch of MUCH ML and MR now have Free Roles ML and MR now moved to AML and AMR DL and DR passing style is now MIXED - middle notch (to compensate for the new increased distance between DL/DR and AML/AMR) This is only useful IF: You have some super 5 star creative wingers and you don't feel that they are pulling the strings in the way they are capable of. Your DL and DR have good passing capability. (Vargas/Ramos) Most of what I did was based on common sense but since I admit to being a tactical noob, please feel free to comment on my tweaks.
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