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  1. You're having a Giraffe!!!

    isnt that a camel?
  2. there really need to be a little confirmation thing to say yes i def want to walk away when dealing with contracts, i keep preesing it instead of finalise lol
  3. i like how you can change the search options on the same screen as the player search screen, saves having to screen switch
  4. i agree with this, also liking the ability to give a talk to subs coming on.
  5. balotelli was pretty good on the AML position for my hereford team, wasnt always first choice and never complained.
  6. hi quick question.If people dont want to use/install steam and are thinking of downloading illegally the question is if you are basically buying a license to use the game couldnt you just have an option on the site (si or sega for example) to buy a license for the game? you may have an illegal copy but if you bought a license for it wouldnt that be the same as buying the game but not using steam? that way SI still make the money on the game and would stop people complaining about steam. i dont know if that would even be possible. i personally like steam and use it oftenbut i can see the frustration of the people who dont want to use it.
  7. the point being you actually make the decision to use utorrent,vuze etc. You dont get a chance to choose whether to use steam for FM12.
  8. it'll be interesting to see the sales and Pirate downloads for FM12 compared to FM11.would you change back to the old ways if it had had a detrimental affect on sales or would you see how it went over a few games?
  9. it can be uninstalled but not if you want to play the game
  10. um wasnt civ 5 done like this and a working pirate copy was out the same day it was released. Anyway steam isnt to bad compared to some things they could of used such as always being online. At least you can play offline with steam.
  11. how old are you??

    30 and played cm since champ man italia on amiga
  12. Hichani Chalwe a zambian playing in the brazilian league. His potential was through the roof and he was still only 21.
  13. Clubs with No Managers

    took hereford to prem in 6 seasons, god knows how. Most enjoyable game of FM in years, had a bit of luck in finding cheap players who became top class.Resigned after 13 seasons after i managed to win prem and was replaced by mancini and i took over Blue square prem relegation candidates Tranmere.
  14. always unemployed at first now. Applied for and got hereford job and enjoying the challenge.