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  1. for the 1st time i won quadruple with newcastle since i started this series twelve years ago and done it in 2nd season only... nice tactic... weird thing is for one season striker A scores alot... second season a new striker takes over the top scorer and striker A doesnt score
  2. i sold sissoko and yoan gouffran and bought demba ba lol... i think i bought too much players. sold a few.. unsettle my team ? second season ... lying in 4th place... 15 points behind league leaders =.=" lol
  3. oh wow.. haha i bought carlos fierro 4.2 million and Doria for centreback... since coloccini is aging and like u said due to the defence i won the league... might as well i blow my budget on him reason due to previous save... doria was on the champions league dream team... hmmm hope he doesnt disappoint.. haha.. if carlos fierro doesnt score.. ill somehow sell someone to buy demba ba
  4. hmmm nice.. i won the EPL in my 1st season with newcastle was on a 15 match unbeaten.. then change the training to def set pieces and slider 1 notch from the right .... i dont know is it the game system of must lose at least a game ... after changing... my team went down .. winless for 6 games straight till i change back to normal tactics training and 30 % match preparation.. then start getting good form and eventually win the league.. haha also my complete forward who is papiss cisse.. am using newcastle.. good acceleration, good finishing off the ball and composure... as suggested as the key attributes by mr rosler... doesnt seem to score a lot.. in fact i retrain ben arfa to the false 9 position and he scored 22 goals in the league alone.. cisse 10 or less i think.. lol any ideas why? hmmm.. or what kinda strikers shud i buy ? i have 32 million pounds to spend after finishing the 1st season... oh yea another good thing to mention.. tim krul got 22 shutouts in 38 games lol... omg... only 69 goals scored in the league
  5. wow very nice.. been trying so many tactics but not so effective but this silk and steel is really good...newcastle team on my 1st season has the lowest conceded...lost only twice in the league but not champions due to too many draws =.= ... end up 2nd place 2 points behiund the champions >.< but won FA cup probably rely too much on papiss cisse .. therefore this 2nd season i bought 2 more strikers hoping i can win the league and more trophies
  6. dono wat happen... both my strikers cant score even one goal in 10 games.... lol ill skip this tactic..
  7. hmmm thanks to ur tactic i won both the epl and carling cup with newcastle 2 times in a row in my 1st 2 season ever since u change the training to low... my players are complaining about low training level.. even after i set heavy focus on individual roles. some of their stats oso dropped =.=
  8. hmm i followed the slider notch.. it doesnt get me the result u posted width 2 click higher then narrow ? wat does that mean ? i put 2 clicks higher.. it doesnt come to narrow and same goes to DMC passing
  9. wow thanks for the plug and play tactic.. lol the usually terrible james perch, gabriel obertan, dan gosling are playing excellent for my newcastle team. currently sitting on top of EPL in my 1st season hehe
  10. been using another tactic for 1st season.. finished 4th.... start of second season i used this... won the champions league with newcastle lmao...will see how it goes for the 3rd season
  11. hmmm which striker u used in ur newcastle game mr hough my newcastle strikers just cant score.. always get the feedback ' our forward line is outnumbered by xx defensive........' majority of my goals come from amc or full back or midfield
  12. wow this is good hehe newcastle focus on securing and developing young talents, but only one scout and one chief scout? hmmmm
  13. thanks mr hough your latest tactic with the 2 strikers put newcastle into 3rd the 1st season.. won the league on the second... semi finalist in champions league... now going into 3rd season ^^
  14. so it seems that changing my staff at the start of the season will affect the performance? hmmm i used the same tactic.. this time i change the entire coaching staff... bought maiga.. cos hes the best i can get after the filters from mr hough hes banging in the goals.. and this time my centre back no longer score... lol
  15. alright thanks good tactic btw i don concede as much as last time
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