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  1. Thanks Hodgy, I'm downloading now, hope it works. Appreciate your help! Luke
  2. Hi all, I've just transferred my FM 2012 game over to my Mac, and obviously cannot transfer Genie Scout. So, long story short, I'm looking for the Macassistant 2012 if anyone is able to help? Obviously it's been years since it was on the web for download. Can one of you help with giving me a copy by any chance? Would be much appreciated! Thanks Luke
  3. Hi Thanoulas, I have recently moved my FM2012 game over from my dying laptop, to my Mac. I tried to get Genie Scout on to my Mac but have been unsuccessful, and have seen that you created Macassistant for 2012. Obviously this was years ago, and I cannot seem to find a download. Are you able to help at all? I am desperate for a scouting tool. Thanks matey!! Luke
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