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  1. These are some of my ideas for a better FM 08. please SI people tell me if they're totally impossible to add in the game: 1) MARKET: a) an option to block the first market window (until august 31th). It's to avoid changes in the team also in the first season when in reality the have buoght players yet. However JUST AN OPTION. b) possibility of offer a player to another team also as a loan or a co-ownership (italy), not just definitive transfer. c) (for italy) co-ownership: possibility to buy just half of the player and possibility to loan a player who's co-owned. 2)MEDIA Improve manager-media, manager-palyers, and managaer-board interaction. 3) LEAGUE add Japanese league (i know there's a problem about the right reserved) 4) CONTRACTS insert new clauses in the contracts: promise a new contract after a number of goals etc. 5) TACTICS a) More accurate tactics: possibility to set player's positions when your team holds the ball or when you're defending b) new player's indications c) move more freely the players' icons on the tactics board or possibility of use more than only one arrow for each player. and less important adds: 6) RATING a)add more realistic marks (not a lot of "10" and also "5,5" "6,5" etc.) b) not give a mark to a player who played just few minutes. 7) new players' charactersitic: -shot power, shot accuracy, etc. For now it's enough! Let me know what you think about this! Sorry for my bad english.
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