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  1. Playing, 1st injury in the 2nd minute, brought his replacement on - he needed replacing in the 22nd minute - Used other 2 subs in the 46th minute to replace to injuries, and finished the game with 9 men due to injuries - Tad harsh.
  2. Sacked Assistant Manager, at begining of game, and cant get anyone to take the Job, Ho Hum.... Sold Fletcher for £40m, has anyone managed to get more, City bought Him, but did take a blimin age to pay, almost lost out on transfer targets whilst waiting for money!
  3. You need to make sure you put a space before-- ie after "SPACE(IE SPACE BAR)--
  4. I Had this error same as you all bloody night - You have to make sure you put a space after"
  5. Sorry to be stupid, I am on Vista, How do I get to C:
  6. I am running Vista, I have the error codeXML Parsing Error, Please advise how I fix this, or at least advise where to return game for a refund.
  7. fm.exe error

    I am running Vista, I get an error code XL, which then lets me open game, however when I re-load my current game, I am inactive.
  8. Would not over worry about Activation code, when you do finally get on the game, you cant save it.
  9. Game was working fine, saved it, then gone to restart and I am now Inactive, so can do nothing! Also it asks for a password when I go on Holiday, I have never set a password!"