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  1. I wasn't sure about getting splatoon but glad I did. It has that 'just one more go' and end up playing for a couple of hours without realising. Only done general turf war so far but love it.
  2. I couldn't connect. Was checking all of the settings reset the router was about to give up then realised i had parental controls on that was blocking access to the internet.
  3. Only complaint so far is the joy con losing connection. Even with the dock clear of objects if my leg gets in the way the controls stutter or lose connection completely. Can't see anything about whether it can be officially repaired and don't want to try the diy fixes. Love using in handheld on my commute. Wouldn't have time to play a game like Zelda if it was just a home console.
  4. Amazing so far. Zelda is fantastic and as above in handheld it looks better than I thought it would. The transition from TV to handheld is impressive. One joy con in each hand is really comfortable for me. I haven't really tried it in the grip. Also finding a single joy con to be surprisingly comfy to use. The dock is odd. I thought it would have a more sturdy connection. I'm finding it makes docking then taking off the joy con a bit clumsy as it lifts out the dock. I'm also finding in handheld there is a little bit of movement where the joy con attach but nothing too major.
  5. I switched my Zelda order to Smyth's. Reasonable price and ready for collection today. Still can't decide whether to get 1-2 switch just to test out the joy con features fully.
  6. Can't wait for tomorrow. I feel like a child again. Shame I have to go to work now (originally booked the day off) so won't get any time until the evening. It's going to be a long day waiting. Seems to be a lot more interest around the switch compared to the Wii u so hopefully that turns into sales and it ends up well supported.
  7. True, but with discount code and voucher it was only just over £20. Will probably use vouchers for Mario kart instead and buy Zelda elsewhere. Anyway two posts in one day is ruining my lurker status.
  8. I was hoping to receive the switch early from Nintendo, until Amazon emailed to say the estimated delivery date for Zelda was 10 March. I suppose I can take the joy con off and on again for a week. First time I have pre-ordered a console and first time in a long time I am genuinely excited about games again.
  9. Jericho v Punk will be a great match but I think the build could have been much better. The way they finally got to the match with Jericho winning a battle royal was poor as it felt like Jericho had lost some of his momentum by then. It also feels a little rushed. Wrestlemania should be the culmination of a long feud, not something that suddenly gets personal a couple of weeks before.
  10. I have been considering the Samsung UE40D6530 posted above and the Panasonic TX-L37DT30. Both get pretty good reviews (the 3D is not important to me). £650 also seems like a very good price on the samsung. I would be interested to know just how much better they are than the £300 range of lcd/led. They have more features such as the smart tv but in terms of picture quality, are they worth the extra or are you just paying extra for internet features and 3D? I have also read a few comments on sites that say the contrast isn't great and that dark scenes can be quite grey. My 5 or 6 year old panasonic lcd (TX-LMD70, or something like that) can be a bit washed out on some scenes but it has never overly bothered me, I assume a newer tv will be no worse than my current tv in this regard, or if it is something I don't want then I should look at a plasma? Would the same apply to lag in that if it isn't a problem on the current set, it should be ok on a newer one? I bought a 32" panasonic lcd a few years ago with the help of advice off here which I had been very happy with so any thoughts appreciated.
  11. Thanks Red_Hector. I had looked at the official site and assume it is a fairly safe way of buying tickets. My only concern was having to print off vouchers and then redeem the vouchers to obtain tickets. I would prefer to have tickets in advance if possible to avoid any hiccups on the day but I suppose if that is how they do it then I don't have much choice. The non-official sites aren't much if any cheaper from I can tell but do have a wider selection of stands to choose from. If we go for stand D we will probably go through the official site.
  12. Hello, We are heading to Japan around the time of the GP and have been looking into purchasing tickets. Can anyone recommend a good and reliable website for buying tickets? The official Suzuka website is in Japanese which rules that out. Opinions on where to sit would be welcome as well (we are looking at the cheaper options). Currently considering grandstand D. Thanks STFC
  13. STFC

    XBOX 360 Thread - 3rd Edition

    Decent offer on Play at the moment. Worth considering if you are looking for another wireless controller http://www.play.com/Product.aspx?r=X360&title=8056650&PRODUCT_TITLE=Lego-Indiana-Jones-+-Kung-Fu-Panda-+-Xbox-360-Wireless-Controller Apologies if posted before, I had a quick glance at earlier pages but couldn't see anything. While I am posting, any recommendations for good, fun online multiplayer games would be appreciated.
  14. just got home with the panasonic. first impressions: DVD player actually looks much better than on my old small tv. Not sure if it is just the size that makes it look more impressive but I'm pretty chuffed. Freeview is a bit hit and miss. Some channels look fine while others just look a bit blocky. Not sure if there is anything I can do about that though. Just hope any football on the BBC/ITV is ok. Quick play on the Nintendo and what a difference a larger tv makes! It is connected through scart and looks really good but I am sure I read somewhere there is a better connection. Does anyone know how much of a difference it would make? If it is only minor I won't bother as it is looking fine on the scart. So far so good. Can't believe I put up with a 14" TV for so long now.
  15. This is pushing me further towards the Panasonic 32". The hardest thing is getting honest, informative advice. We spent ages yesterday going from high street shop to high street shop asking the sales people for advice and got told a different thing every time. I saw that buzz talk but most of it required the set to be on mute? Not often I do that when watching TV..... I am hoping a new TV will be the helping hand I need to convinve the girlfriend that we NEED Sky.