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  1. Thanks. I didn't realise you could do that. I also need to just settle on one or two games and play them through instead of jumping around. Will help with the storage as well.
  2. I ended up loading three years of gold then converted it all to gamepass ultimate for an extra £1. Probably cheaper than buying it now and again. I didn't own an Xbox one so plenty on there to keep me going. I'm loving the speed of everything as well. Quick to turn on, load, switch games and apps. Only complaint is the SSD one the series s is too small. If you have one big game like halo it starts to really limit things. Would be good if you could use the cloud service for some games to save space.
  3. I'm sticking with aew for now as it does have potential but I can't stand the young bucks. Are they meant to be a comedy team? I forgot or didn't know MJF was so young. Easily the best thing about aew at the moment. It's hard to watch Jericho at the moment. One of my all time favourites but I think he needs to be used less now. That stuff with orange Cassidy was terrible. I'm enjoying moxley as well but I think he needs a longer term feud to build up to something big and maybe add a bit more interest to his character. Hopefully MJF is the one to do it with.
  4. Having skipped the Xbox one and playstation 4 I'm leaning towards a series s. £250 seems to be a great price and combined with gamepass there should be lots for me to play from the last generation and then pick up a ps5 in a couple of years when it comes down in price and has a few more games - although the plus collection was appealing. Slightly nervous about going digital but hopefully I can just use gamepass and not buy too many games.
  5. What's the Jim cornette stuff about? I've been enjoying his YouTube uploads recently. He can be over the top with his comments (which is a shame as he does make some valid points that get lost in the insults) but I haven't come to anything racist.......yet.
  6. The frustration for me is that wwe can still do some good stuff. They just can't do enough of it for the amount of hours they produce. I think someone here mentioned the Bruce prichard podcast and I've been enjoying those so thanks. Any other recommendations welcome.
  7. The fireflyfunhouse was the best part of wrestlemania.
  8. I really enjoyed last night. No crowd is rubbish but for me the bits that were bad would have been bad with a crowd; it's just the good bits would have been better with one. The boneyard "match" was far better than watching the undertaker have an actual match.
  9. I didn't know she was transgender until I looked on twitter after her win and saw some of the comments. Genuinely quite shocked by the abuse and that so many people feel so bothered by it. Does it really matter?
  10. Yes at fight club. Everyone was pretty good but they just stood out. Really good night. My first time there (or any live event) and definitely going back.
  11. I saw the lucha brothers live at the weekend. They were so good. Made everything look easy and were another level compared to the rest.
  12. Wwe was best when it had a bit of everything. Some tag teams and mid carders doing the "flippy" stuff and main eventers doing the "hard hitting" stuff. Not sure of the year but around the time you had Hardy's in the tag teams with Kurt angle, rock and stone cold in the main event. Size doesn't have to be the determining factor either. Benoit and Eddie Guerrero weren't the traditional big wrestlers but had that hard hitting style.
  13. I thought it was great. A different tone to infinity war which when considered as two films together works really well. Will definitely go to see it again. So many nice touches and probably plenty more I've missed.
  14. Is that list the reasons given in the refusal or just a list of neighbour comments? loss of property value and a loss of view are not things that should be considered in planning. Bottom of the page on the link https://www.planningportal.co.uk/faqs/faq/4/what_are_material_considerations
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