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  1. Weird story from a few FMs ago. Think it was FM05 on my Inter save; the board's January transfer window brief was that they wanted some world class, big-name players bringing in. I had a transfer budget of £8m available, so I wasn't sure what to do. I had a bid accepted for a promising young player who'd just broken into the German national side, but he wasn't what you'd call a household name. What happened next I've never seen or heard of since... I received news items informing me that due to the lack of activity on my part, the board had taken matters into their own hands and signed Patrick Vieira for £50m and Ronaldinho for £58m. Putting the club £100m into debt by signing two players I didn't particularly want or need (due to central midfield already being my strongest position), and adding a hefty chunk onto the wage bill into the bargain. Fortunately, it all worked out OK as I managed to make a heavy rotation system work and we went on to win lots of things. Ronaldinho managed to score probably the best individual goal I've ever seen on any FM in his second season. Anyway, sorry for the ramble. In answer to your question, it's very hard to say when the board makes demands like that but maybe they will do something similar for you.
  2. Current thing that is really grinding my gears is utterly stupid suicidal mistakes by my defence. Seems like pretty much every goal we concede at the moment is due to one of my players making a mistake rather than the opposition doing something good in possession. I reckon it's probably because I haven't had a settled back four in ages; I have a decent number of defensive players good enough for the first team but I've had so many injuries lately that enforced changes have been pretty much constant. For example, I've just lost the cup semi-final thanks to a completely ridiculous goal kick from my keeper. In the 93rd minute with the score at 1-1, he had the choice of a long punt upfield or a short pass to the man on the edge of the box. Instead he decided to try a through-ball type pass 10 yards in front of the short option. This also happened to be where the opposing centre forward (Loic "Bloody" Remy, who has a habit of always scoring against us) was lurking, thus gifting him a nice easy run in on goal and subsequent untroubled finish. To make things worse it's actually the third time this season it's happened. No top-level keeper should attempt a goal kick like that once, never mind thrice. I'm utterly fuming.
  3. Current pet annoyance: set match preparation to "defend set pieces", during the game the feedback tells me to consider working on defensive set pieces for future match preparation -_-
  4. Tends to be one extreme or the other for me when an early goal is scored. The second goal makes all the difference. If it's for the winning side to make the score 2-0, generally they will go on to a heavy win. If it's for the losing side to level the scores, more often they seem to go on to win than the side who scored first re-taking the lead. I'm quite lucky that I have a mentally strong side in my current side; when we score early we tend to stay strong and run away with it, when we concede early we are good at coming back and more often than not win 4-1 or similar.
  5. Have you started the next season yet then? Sounds like you're nicely set to make sure of it next time around. Well rather fortuitously, LOSC have just contrived to lose 5-4 at home to Stade Lavallois, who are second bottom of the league. Very handy for us as it opens up a tiny crack of breathing space for just about the first time all season. Although knowing FM we will lose our next game and waste the opportunity.
  6. Well, I was about to use my optician knowledge to look cool with this one but I can see I've been beaten to it It could be to do with the brightness of the game or your playing environment but it may be that you are a little long sighted which would mean your eyes would have to work harder to focus on near objects (eg a computer screen). I see people like this every day at work. Let us know what they come up with, anyway. I am a dork for anything optics-related.
  7. I've never lost a title by this kind of margin, especially after such a good season. 95 points must be some kind of record for runners up! I have a worrying feeling my current season in France may end up being this close; I've been dominating all year so far (currently in March) and haven't had a bad run at any point, but LOSC have somehow stuck with me all season. I keep hoping they will slip up and drop away but it isn't happening. Can see it going down to the wire... Squeaky bum time!
  8. Those specs are a touch better than my laptop and I can run a game with multiple leagues fine, albeit with a bit of a wait for the game to advance when I click "continue" and with the ME graphics at a low level. Still perfectly playable though.
  9. I've always thought that an obviously deliberate handball was a straight red. Or does that only apply if it stops a goalscoring chance?
  10. Not quite the same, although I have seen a lot of times when I've been battering the opposition, creating chances at will, and then they have a man sent off and suddenly I stop creating chances. I've presumed this to be a tactical thing - with 11 they feel they should try to attack me, creating space for my players to exploit, but after a sending off they just sit back and go for damage limitation. That's my best guess with my limited understanding of the ME anyway.
  11. I like to tweak any ratings that I feel are inaccurate, that's my main priority. This has been known to get quite extensive, especially with teams I know well. If I'm planning a big dynasty game at one club I sometimes like to give them a bit of a behind-the-scenes hand - improve facilities and finances, give some youth players better potential, etc. I have in the past done saves where I've included players with freakishly massive ability in the side I'm planning to manage, but I feel I've grown out of that now; feels too much like cheating and tends to feel a bit unsatisfying compared to building a side up from nothing.
  12. Not quite as exciting as a title decider, but I had a similarly crushing last-day set of results in my last season. Basically, in the French league the top 3 get Champions League places. After 37 games, 3rd and 4th look like this (I'm Sochaux): 3. Sochaux 66pts, +18 GD 4. LOSC 66pts, +13GD I'm at home to Bordeaux, they are away to Lyon. All I have to do is match their result to make it to the CL. Quite do-able, surely? So I take the lead in my game through my star striker Sloan Privat (who could reach 30 goals for the season with a hat-trick here), and LOSC fall behind in theirs. Everything is looking rosy. Then everything falls apart - Bordeaux score three times in quick succession, and word comes through that LOSC have taken the lead, 2-1. Stuff doesn't look good. But then Lyon equalise, you beauties! We just need to pull level and Champions League football is ours. Then Privat scores his second of the day with 18 minutes remaining. Surely the stage is set for the fairytale finale to the season? Privat to clinch his hat-trick and the big 30 for the season and take us into Europe's top competition. Well, in classic deflating FM style, the remaining minutes tick by without a single highlight, and just to hammer home the final nail, as the last few seconds of injury time are slipping away we receive word of a LOSC winner. Weep.
  13. now that is commitment! to be honest if I had a similarly brilliant regen I would probably want to do similar; awesome stuff!
  14. I'm sure I remember in some of the older FMs (it may even have been CM) you could specify that certain players in your reserves would start in certain positions by being able to put the MC (or whatever) icon by their name on the team screen. You wouldn't control the team (I wouldn't want to anyway, my FM playing time nowadays is so limited that it takes forever to complete a season just with first team games) but that would act as an instruction that the given player would take that position. I think you could specify the entire reserve squad in this way if you were that way inclined but just leave the reserve manager to control them in the match. This would, I suppose, be the equivalent of a manager telling his assman/reserve manager/youth manager something like "I want you to start player X in central midfield as he has great potential and needs game time". Presumably this isn't an option anymore but if SI could reintroduce it to the game it would be great as it would be much easier than having to take control of the reserves/U18s yourself.
  15. Yep, this has happened to me on a few occasions. Deportivo, Ravenna, Inter, Colorado Rapids, Ajax and (from my current save) Sochaux are all teams who I previously have had no connection with but have found myself keeping an eye out for their results IRL just because of spells I've had with them on FM. All good I guess, none will ever overtake Sunderland as my true footballing love and anything that provokes an interest in football outside of England has got to be worthwhile.
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