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  1. I Have an issue where i had informed the team in a pre season meeting that i intend to bring in some fresh faces to ensure my team can stay in the premier league. I feel i have done this, however most of my team do not and in my promises page 90% of my team feel my time is running out to strengthen the squad. Always with a countdown timer of 1 day. Managed to finish mid-table, but morale for team is abysmal (which made the last games of the season very difficult). I Cannot find any way to communicate with my players effectively. I Find the promises far to rigid and un-compromising. I proved to the team that i had indeed brought in sufficient members as we achieved the goal with the players i had brought in. Currently in the pre season of my second season in the prem and the players are still unhappy.
  2. I Must admit,l the new features announced for FM16 do seem a little underwhelming. Hoping for some new features to be announced soon. A few 'minor' features that i would like to see is the crowd sounds more representative of the attendance. Its a little odd to hear 2,000 fans at a lower league club sound like a 70,000 premier league game. Be nice to get a flavour of the fans opinion of the team or manager by adding a few more 'chants', like crowd jeer's and boo's when unpopular players come on, etc. Would also like to see dynamic rivalries develop as team's grow (or shrink), Also, with screen real-estate being the way it is, it'd be nice to be able to use multiple monitors. Small things, I know. I Do feel the game has become a little stale and repetitive, such as the same media questions over and over again with the same very limiting answers. And its nice to see SI adding features such as the create-a-team, and fantasy draft competitions. While these don't interest me much, at least it shows that SI are looking to shake things up a bit. Im pretty sure I will buy FM16, I have bought every edition since CM2, (Loved the commentary on this btw) but I am sinking far fewer hours into the game these days, this one could be my last :/
  3. Manager wages

    £170,000 per week now, which after tax is around £3.50. Try and get a raise of 50% per year (or close as possible) on a long contract.
  4. Nah, Just keep making awesome Football manager games and I will keep buying them!
  5. Still Steaming

    Steam rocks. I Can safely say that if FM14 was not on steam, i probably wouldn't have bought it and stuck with FM13. With the exception of Guild Wars 2, I Only buy games from steam.
  6. Dragged Portsmouth all the way up. Won 8 domestic titles, won the FA Cup 6 times, Euro Cup, Champions League Cup. Various other cup's/trophies.I Have raised the club to a 'Worldwide' reputation. The club is now worth over 620 million. The bank balance is looking extremely healthy. The transfer budget is at £155m and my wage budget is just over £1.2m. I Am personally a manager with a 'worldwide' reputation. However my wage is just £11,000 per week. I Asked the board for a new contract and was offered £10,250. The drop down box allowed me a maximum request of £30,000 and I was politely told to be realistic and would have to lower my demands. So I tried a little experiment. Saved under a temp name, quit the team and Roberto Mancini took the Pompey job with a contracted wage of £150,000 per week. eh ?
  7. Oh, am I the only one that actually liked the audio commentary in cm2 ? :o
  8. Moody Players

    Yes, I am a manager with an automatic reputation, and managing Eastleigh (Skrill South). Doing pretty well so far, won the league and currently top, however I now dread that message that tells me a player wants to talk to me because I know for certainty that I am going to end up with yet another unhappy player regardless how I respond.
  9. This is the biggest problem i have had with fm for years now. Not the fact the daft chairman does it, just the fact i can't throw a tantrum and publibly announce to every newspaper that my chairman is a n00b!
  10. I know its been covered in other threads before, (and i have'nt read this entire thread) but The chairman agreeing sales without talking with me .... Not the sale, I know its damned annoying bit i suppose thats football and it is his club afterall. WHat i really want is the option to throw a tantrum about it. My star defender was sold because the offer was too good to turn down, yet i had a pretty healthy bank balance and the club was making money, but what really annoyed me was the fact i couldnt burst into the chairman's offer yelling and screaming "Keep your nose out of the team or i'll walk!". I Had a question about the sale in the next pre-match press conference, but none of the reply options accurately described my rage. I Really want to vent!
  11. I Love the way the game has developed, been playing since CM2 personally! Just a few of the things i would like to see. I Want to be a Player Manager! - Probably been hit on on a million times, but its just a feature that i have wanted for years. I Really liked the voice commentary that we had on Championship Manager 2, though i am pretty sure it'd be a nightmare to do it now, with the game being so much bigger, and a hundred leagues, and a million names. This is on my dream list! Environmental Sounds, Every game sounds exactly the same, regardless of how many fans are there. While managing Exeter City at St. James' Park (the small one) it sould'nt sound like Old Trafford. So when i finally get Exeter City promoted and find myself playing at Wembley, the stadium should sound different to a friendly! Sometimes the game tends to get a little repetative. I Think it Would be nice to include some different events that occur from time to time, depending of course on club stature. Testamonials, Charity Games, Local School events, things like that. Right now i beleive there is far too many press conferences, especially in lower leagues. In the top league's maybe the conferences could be more personal, inciting rivalries between managers. Popider's idea of a more REACTIVE world (a couple of posts up)! I'd like to second one from Müller. Letting the user pick and change playable and viewable leagues throughout the save. This would a most welcome addition. I DONT want to see: Manager personal life / finances etc. This could potentially stop me buying the game!
  12. World Super League (With Data Update)

    Nice one! Definately going to give this a go!
  13. Ah, brings back memories of CM2. Loved it for that! I Know it'l probably never be done, At least until FM14, when we all have OCT-Core PC's with 32gb ram .... but it'd be awesome to be able to watch the match, and hear TWO comentators discussing the game.
  14. Some really interesting points of view here. Personally i love the idea and think Amaroq is spot on. FM of the future is really going to need this sort of thing. Manager style does influence hiring decisions, and supporter/media/chairman opinions in real life, and would add a great deal of depth to the game.
  15. I am really enjoying FM09. I Think SI have done a terrific job. I Know there's still bugs, but when its patched again it will truly be one of the best FM games so far. I Have been playing the series since CM2, and i love how the game has grown into what it is today. However, it does get a bit repetative, and i think a few things could improve this. Press conferences. Mainly the amount of times the same questions get asked. I Know its a new feature, but a lot of work is needed here i think to make it a worthwhile feature. The answer's dont always properly correspond to the questions, and lower profile clubs have waaay to many press conferences. High profile clubs should be asked many many more questions, though not every week. Chairman interaction needs to be added. I Dont mean so much finances, advertising, or stadium enhancements. These are typically board-room decisions, and managers shouldnt worry about that stuff. I Want to tell his he's a moron for selling my star player over my head, and if he does it again he can kiss my arse! I Would also like more interaction with other managers. I Want to see accusations of diving/drugs/etc. I Want to see rivalry's develop. All these little things (i know they're easier to ask for than to provide) would really help against the repetativeness, and provide us with more of a realistic game.