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  1. WHen searching on attributes, I'd like a way to group attributes together so that those attributes values HAVE to be met by players in the search, but the rest of the attributes can have only a number of them matched. I.e. instead of all 10 attributes searched for being subject to the "Match 9/10" I'd like to say - All four of these attributes must be >= 12 (e.g. Determination, Teamwork, Work Rate and Natural Fitness) - AND 5 out of the other 6 must be >= 12 (e.g. Finishing, First Touch, Technique, Off The Ball, Off The Ball, Acceleration) So a player with >= 1
  2. hi @Harry Dunning - did you have an oppportunity to look at this issue? I am now into July 2026 and I have found that the calendar now works (at least for now). New save uploaded to: https://oc.sigames.com/owncloud/index.php/s/Kzvhd0MdU3v4Nv4 as "FMT_Schedule_NoFixturesAfterJuly2025_Corrected.fmt"
  3. Thanks @Harry Dunning - I have uploaded a file named "FMT_Schedule_NoFixturesAfterJuly2025.fmt" to the link you posted.
  4. Summary: The Calendar and List views of the Schedule no longer display fixtures past July 2025. Description of Issue: Playing as Celtic in the Scottish leagues, I have played until it's now September 2025. However the Calendar and List views of the Schedule no longer display fixtures past July 2025. It does not matter whether I try to view a Week, Month or Year, no setting shows fixtures past July 2025. Steps to Reproduce: Play with Scottish league. Continue 'til August 2025 Browse Schedule. Attempt to move past July 2025 in Calendar (monthl
  5. Thanks - I think it might be %HOMEPATH%\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2020 Touch\Preferences\version 3 With obviously the version number changing. I can see some relevant files (average_attribute_boundary.xml) which will need to change. I'll modify at a later time and report back.
  6. As per this thread I'm sure I used to be able to change Attribute Colours in FMT 20 on PC. See an image below of how I used to do it. I used to search for "colour" and get this Then click on Skin Colours to get this However, at some point since 11th November this feature is missing. I've also tried searching for "custom skin colour" as per this thread, however I still can't find it. (NOTE: when I changed it back in November, it worked). Is the ability to change attribute colour thresholds still avail
  7. I hired a new Chief Scout, after my previous one was signed by another club. Previously I had 6 scouts in the scouting team, but after hiring the new guy, I have 5. Is this the expected behavior - i.e. the number of scouts available is determined by the Chief Scout? Secondly - if the Chief Scout themselves sets the size of the scouting team, then why do unattached scouts not show the potential size of their scouting teams? It would make more sense that the club themselves set the number. Previous Chief Scout was Alberto Giraldez. New one is Joe McClaren.
  8. Summary: As per the title - though it seems if you try a 2nd time it works , but other times it doesn't highlight all attributes. Similar problems observed on the tactics screen, however on player profile screen it's simply not possible to highlight attributes. Steps to reproduce: Go to Scouting Go to Player Search Press Edit Search Press "Pick" Click on menu to "Highlight key attributes for role" Select a role / duty (e.g Ball Playing Defender (Defend)) Description of Issue: I've observed the following First time on above
  9. Thanks for answer @Stuart Milne - and thanks for all the hard work of the reasearch team.
  10. A question, not a bug so apologies for the choice of forum - but it is for FM20. In FM 20, and FMT 20 in particular, what are the possible Brexit / UK leaves the EU scenarios? From FM 19, I believe there were a number including £8k min wage rule for players over 23 / max 5 players under 23 with min wage £3k [what I got in FMT 19] Scotland becomes independent and stays in the EU Potentially others? I do see is discussing this - but looking for a definitive answer, if possible, on scenarios which may occur.
  11. Obviously very recent news, and I am unsure if the cut-off for data changes has taken place, however, Callum McGregor has signed a new contract at Celtic (until 2024 though it may be, based on different reports 'til 2023 with an option to 2024) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50315840 http://www.celticfc.net/news/15494 More of a question than a request - how do researchers find out salary / other contract terms for entry into the Football Manager database? I assume a good deal of this isn't public information.
  12. I have a large database and the following leagues Scotland England France Italy Brazil I have had others loaded in the past - Argentina, Norway for example. Of the few reports returned most are interested in joining. Again I would expect more reports returned given there are playable leagues in the scouted regions.
  13. As per the title - I never seem to be able to find many players via the Scouting Centre. I don't understand what influences this however - how many reports do you get through the scouting centre? And how do you set it up? Background / Reputation I'm playing as Celtic - it's the 2022/23 season and I'm off the back of a Champions League Semi-Final previous year and Quarter final the year before (plus domestic dominance). In other words, the clubs reputation is growing - 3.5 stars / about 52nd highest in Europe (not huge) - as is Scotland's (now 8th in Europe in terms of Natio
  14. I might go down the CM route - though I do think I need the duty to be Defend unless I make the DLP a Defend duty (and given Callum McGregor is my DLP, who has awful marking, I am reluctant to do so).
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