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  1. I hired a new Chief Scout, after my previous one was signed by another club. Previously I had 6 scouts in the scouting team, but after hiring the new guy, I have 5. Is this the expected behavior - i.e. the number of scouts available is determined by the Chief Scout? Secondly - if the Chief Scout themselves sets the size of the scouting team, then why do unattached scouts not show the potential size of their scouting teams? It would make more sense that the club themselves set the number. Previous Chief Scout was Alberto Giraldez. New one is Joe McClaren.
  2. Summary: As per the title - though it seems if you try a 2nd time it works , but other times it doesn't highlight all attributes. Similar problems observed on the tactics screen, however on player profile screen it's simply not possible to highlight attributes. Steps to reproduce: Go to Scouting Go to Player Search Press Edit Search Press "Pick" Click on menu to "Highlight key attributes for role" Select a role / duty (e.g Ball Playing Defender (Defend)) Description of Issue: I've observed the following First time on above process: Nothing happened Repeat step 5/6: highlights correctly Repeat step 5/6, but for different role: no change to highlighted attributes Related - a similar thing happens on the tactics screen. If I click on a position in the screen, sometimes the wrong attributes are highlighted for the role selected. I need to click on/off it to get them. Finally - as you know - cannot highlight attributes on a players profile screen. All small things - but very frustrating when you are used to using them. Screenshot below - I had "Ball Playing Defender (Defend)" highlighted - I change the option to highlight for "Central Defender (Defend)" and no change observed. Now I've pressed Ball Playing Defender (Defend) again and it shows the Central Defender (Defend) attributes Tactics screen - note that Sinclair (in the IF(A) role) has the Attributes for PF (A) role selected. I reproduced this by clicking on Edouard (PF (A)) then Sinclair. Finally - player profile - cannot highlight their attributes File Uploaded to OwnCloud: John McParland - Celtic.fmt
  3. Thanks for answer @Stuart Milne - and thanks for all the hard work of the reasearch team.
  4. A question, not a bug so apologies for the choice of forum - but it is for FM20. In FM 20, and FMT 20 in particular, what are the possible Brexit / UK leaves the EU scenarios? From FM 19, I believe there were a number including £8k min wage rule for players over 23 / max 5 players under 23 with min wage £3k [what I got in FMT 19] Scotland becomes independent and stays in the EU Potentially others? I do see is discussing this - but looking for a definitive answer, if possible, on scenarios which may occur.
  5. Obviously very recent news, and I am unsure if the cut-off for data changes has taken place, however, Callum McGregor has signed a new contract at Celtic (until 2024 though it may be, based on different reports 'til 2023 with an option to 2024) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50315840 http://www.celticfc.net/news/15494 More of a question than a request - how do researchers find out salary / other contract terms for entry into the Football Manager database? I assume a good deal of this isn't public information.
  6. I have a large database and the following leagues Scotland England France Italy Brazil I have had others loaded in the past - Argentina, Norway for example. Of the few reports returned most are interested in joining. Again I would expect more reports returned given there are playable leagues in the scouted regions.
  7. As per the title - I never seem to be able to find many players via the Scouting Centre. I don't understand what influences this however - how many reports do you get through the scouting centre? And how do you set it up? Background / Reputation I'm playing as Celtic - it's the 2022/23 season and I'm off the back of a Champions League Semi-Final previous year and Quarter final the year before (plus domestic dominance). In other words, the clubs reputation is growing - 3.5 stars / about 52nd highest in Europe (not huge) - as is Scotland's (now 8th in Europe in terms of Nation Club Co-Efficient). I would expect this to mean more players would be found in the scouting centre - as higher reputation means more attractive to players. Scouting Setup In the Scouting Centre, I have the Scouting Responsibility set to "Manager". I have 6 scouts assigned to - UK and Ireland - Central Europe - Eastern Europe - South Europe - South America - World Cup (usually Scandanavia) There's no restrictions at all on the scouting assignments - they are just on-going. The board themselves don't place any restrictions on Scouting Assignments. I would expect to find more reports as there are no restrictions on the scouting. Chief Scout He has 17 for Adaptability, JPA and JPP. I note he's not very determined (is this influential?) Targeted Scouting Now.... I do a lot of targeted scouting - e.g. getting reports on players from player search / from clubs I look at ad-hoc. That I would expect to take away from the number of players found - but not to the extent I only find 3 in 16 months (e.g. Eastern Europe - only 3 reports since July 2021 - it's November 2022). What should I be doing? How can I find more players via the scouting centre?
  8. I might go down the CM route - though I do think I need the duty to be Defend unless I make the DLP a Defend duty (and given Callum McGregor is my DLP, who has awful marking, I am reluctant to do so).
  9. He didn't play particularly well in the Champions League which is why I'm looking for others. But I do see what you mean - his attributes are very strong for the BWM role.
  10. I should add for all, I'm on my 3rd season and the typical team is SwKp: David Raya / Moreira WB R: Cedric (Brazilian defender) / Hamari Traore WB L: Tierney / Meling CD: Denis Vavro / Boyata BPD: John Souttar / Marlon (Brazilian defender) BWM: Scott Brown/ Lucas Tousart DLP: Calum McGregor / Nir Biton / Mattia Viviani Winger (R): James Forest though Brazilian Striker Raniel makes a good IF AM: Rogic / Benedetti IF L: Lewis Morgan / Mikey Johnston PF: Edouard / Griffiths Key players are Tierney, Vavro, McGregor, Morgan.
  11. It is something I've thought about and certainly worth considering. I have Tom Rogic and Nicolas Benedetti who are strong AMs in the number 10 position. Probably could retrain them as Mezzalas in the central mid strata instead. It would have the advantage of meaning less change when I play the 4141 system against stronger teams too.
  12. I did roughly the same with the current tactic in the beginning (I'm on 3rd season now). However I've found a good balance in the centre of midfield which I'm reluctant to change (I used to concede goals due to long balls over the top until I settled on the BWM and DLP). Problem is Brown and Tousart aren't quite up to it and I'm struggling to replace them.
  13. Yea I've got a few DLPs for example Calum McGregor, Nir Biton and Mattia Viviani. They are all better with support duty. I'm struggling with the BWM. I could go with a B2B but that would mean putting the DLP on Defend duty as I find I need that to avoid being caught out by long balls.
  14. Will give a go at searching for attributes alone rather than with position in future. I usually do position plus I look for 70% of the attributes for a given role to be 12 or over. What would you recommend as an alternative to a BWM?
  15. Yea I hadn't thought not to look for position as well as attributes. In terms of what I look for its 70% of the attributes for a given role to be 12 or over. It's not so much I need a 3rd, Brown is 35 and getting weaker while Tousart wasn't convincing in the Champions League so I want to strengthen.
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