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  1. Here are a couple of screenshots to highlight what I believe has changed from Football Manager 2018 Touch and Football Manager Touch 2018 FMT 2018 Note her ethat the "Roles" drop down says "Currently selected roles for tactic" and the "Show" drop down is "All (Current Ability)" FMT 2019 Now in this case, the "Roles" drop down says "Players best role" and the "Show" drop down is "All (Current Ability)". I cannot select another option for "Roles". I would expect the same configuration is available in FMT 2019 as was in 2018 (i.e. star rating for current tactic roles).
  2. Playing FM Touch 2019 latest version. I have manually set the training both at a team focus (changes each month) and at an individual level. Typically the training is focussed around the role I want the player to play (e.g. for all GKs it is "Sweeper Keeper (Defend duty)"). In addition, I add focus for a weaker area. I get a number of reports that a player believes they should be focussing on some other aspect of training. That is fine. However for my goalkeeper, Pedro Gallese, I get "Pedro Gallese thinks his training unit is not getting enough attention". In this context, what is the "training unit"? Could the text be more specific is this is an area I should be aware of when playing the game? See the attached screenshot for more information.
  3. Thanks for this Luke - the functionality you describe does work. However I was looking to see the coaches rating of the Current Ability in the selected roles. I believe this functionality was present in FM Touch 2018. I make use of this functionality to determine the roles to use in my tactic, based on how well my current players can perform in those roles. An example from playing the game - I have selected a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation (or 433 where there's a DM and the two wide midfield players play on the AM line). I wanted to select the 3 central midfield roles (including the DM one) to create balance in the tactic, but also to best utilize the players in the squad. I initially selected DM - Ball Winning Midfielder (Defend) MC - Mezzala (Support) MC - DLP (Defend) However, as Celtic, I found that the players at my disposal don't suit the Ball Winning Midfielder role in the DM position. In FM Touch 2018, a Star Rating for the players suitability in the role was provided. In FM Touch 2019, I need to look at a combination of Role Suitability and my own judgement on ability. Once I did this, I changed the roles DM - DLP (D) MC - B2B MC - Mezz This could be clearer by providing the star rating for the currently selected roles in the tactic. Thanks, John
  4. When I browse to "Team Report" from the left hand menu and select "Squad Depth" from the top menu I am presented with menus for Show Formation Roles Opinion Of Customizations Filtered When I select "Show" as "All (Current Ability)", Formation (current formation - a saved one) the "Roles" menu is disabled and only allows the option "Player's best role". This is with the "Opinion Of" being my assistant manager and the "Customization" On or Off. I would expect to be able to select any one of the options under the "Roles" menu. In fact it's never possible (to the best that I can tell) to alter this.
  5. In the match preview screen, I click on the "Opposition Instructions" button on the tactics preview. After looking, I press "OK" on the pop-up Opposition Instructions screen I would expect it to close. Instead after a brief flicker, the screen re-appears and I have to press "OK" a second time for the game to return to the match preview screen again. This was present on 19.0.1-19.0.3.
  6. celticfan

    Staff Judging PA/CA not showing

    I also have the same problem on FM Touch. I'm using the Dark skin. Resolution is 1920x1080 in windowed mode. The issue was present without any custom graphics. Attributes missing are Judging Player Ability Judging Player Potential Judging Player Data (List may be incomplete). I'll try to add a screenshot later or tomorrow.
  7. Playing latest update of FM Touch 2017 version 17.3.1 on Windows 10 PC. I've started my 2nd season with Celtic and I hired a new Director of Football - Frank Arnesen - to replace the auto-generated Greg Henry who was the original when the game started. I recall when agreeing the contract for Frank Arnesen that I accepted Greg Henry would be terminated when the dialog informed me so. Since then, when I look at the scouting screen, and press the "Show Filters" drop-down menu, the text still says "Ask Greg Henry to show". See the image below. I would expect the same text to say "Ask Frank Arnesen to show". I am unsure what the impact of this is - does it mean that Greg Henry is really filtering out unrealistic transfers for example? Please find a screenshot below of my current staff. And below is the list of staff transfers for this season. I note the Frank Arnesen was hired, but there is no "Staff Out" entry for Greg Henry. I tried deleting all my preferences manually and restarting the game. I have also tried clearing the Appearance preference Cache and Reloading the Skin but none have changed this. I have uploaded my save game to the FTP site: /fm/game-save/Celtic-celticfan-WrongDoF.fmt
  8. Would anyone else like to share their tactics for Celtic? I'm having a surprising struggle - first save I got sacked in Feb of 1st season after falling to 4th in the league (yet making CL group stage). On my second save, I've made the CL groups, but already showing signs of struggle in the SPFL Premiership. This is off the back of FM 15 where in four seasons I won - 2 x Europa League - 4 x SPL - 2 x Scottish Cup - 2 x Scottish League Cup As well as reaching the Quarter Final and Semi Final of the Champions League in two further seasons. On the first save I played a 4231 (Wide) with GK - Gordon (SwKp, D) DR - Lustig (WB, Au) DL - Izaguirre (WB, Au) DC - Mulgrew (BPD, X) DC - A bit of a problem position, mostly Boyata (LD, C) MC - Brown (BWM, D) MC - Biton (DLP, S) AMR - Zivkovic (IF, A) AML - Commons (IF, S) AMC - Johansson (SS) FC - Griffiths (AF, A) The above is similar to my successful FM15 formation, with wing backs instead of Full Backs, and a Second Striker (SS) instead of an Attack Midfielder. I'd also bought (from memory) Patrik Ekeng as a backup MC or as a DMC when I played 433 (with DM) in the CL. On the second save, I've tried a 4231 Narrow with GK - Gordon (SwKp, D) DR - Lustig (WB, Au) DL - Izaguirre (WB, Au) DC - Mulgrew (BPD, X) DC - Squillaci (LD, C) - He is awful!!! MC - Brown (BWM, D) MC - Biton (DLP, S) AMC® - Christie or Armstrong (AM, S) AMC(l) - Commons (AM, A) AMC - Johansson (SS, A) FC - Jorge Molina (from Real Betis) (CF, S) I've also bought Patrick Ekeng again for the 433 formation.
  9. Thanks - so the cheaper price of Neway/InSIder with the confidence in using Steam as the download client. Excellent!
  10. Hi all, today I pre-ordered FM 2015 via Nexway (using the InSIder code I got). However while I have a confirmation email that my purchase has been recorded, I wonder from where/how I will download FM 2015? In particular, I can't find a download client for Nexway - so I don't know how I will download my game. I suppose I'm unsure because I've used Steam in the past, and I would know to have the Steam client already installed, and I would know that I could view my purchased games through Steam. Can anyone clarify if; - there's a download client I need for Nexway/InSIder/Sega Store? - if not, how will the same be delivered? Thanks!
  11. One thing I've struggled to do in both FM 13 and 14 (the latter in Classic mode) is prevent my goalkeeper taking long goal kicks. It's my preference that he plays it short to a defender or deep lying midfielder, but I cannot seem to set this up. I've tried (in FM 14) giving him shouts; - Pass It Shorter - Distribute to defenders (or Distribute to specific defender) And I've tried team shouts such as "Play out of defence", "Shorter Passing" etc. Has anyone been able to prevent long goal kicks?
  12. celticfan

    Patching without Steam

    I can plug my phone into the PC for some internet access so logging into steam is fine, as is web browsing. Downloading and patching will kill my usage limits and be prohibitively slow.
  13. celticfan

    Patching without Steam

    I'm not sure if or how this would work. Could you explain further please?
  14. celticfan

    Patching without Steam

    Hi I'm new here - can I borrow some wi Fi? I'd already thought of and tried your idea
  15. celticfan

    Patching without Steam

    yea this is what I'm planning if there is no other solution. But it'd be better if I can download the patch (on another PC) and manually install that