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  1. I might go down the CM route - though I do think I need the duty to be Defend unless I make the DLP a Defend duty (and given Callum McGregor is my DLP, who has awful marking, I am reluctant to do so).
  2. He didn't play particularly well in the Champions League which is why I'm looking for others. But I do see what you mean - his attributes are very strong for the BWM role.
  3. I should add for all, I'm on my 3rd season and the typical team is SwKp: David Raya / Moreira WB R: Cedric (Brazilian defender) / Hamari Traore WB L: Tierney / Meling CD: Denis Vavro / Boyata BPD: John Souttar / Marlon (Brazilian defender) BWM: Scott Brown/ Lucas Tousart DLP: Calum McGregor / Nir Biton / Mattia Viviani Winger (R): James Forest though Brazilian Striker Raniel makes a good IF AM: Rogic / Benedetti IF L: Lewis Morgan / Mikey Johnston PF: Edouard / Griffiths Key players are Tierney, Vavro, McGregor, Morgan.
  4. It is something I've thought about and certainly worth considering. I have Tom Rogic and Nicolas Benedetti who are strong AMs in the number 10 position. Probably could retrain them as Mezzalas in the central mid strata instead. It would have the advantage of meaning less change when I play the 4141 system against stronger teams too.
  5. I did roughly the same with the current tactic in the beginning (I'm on 3rd season now). However I've found a good balance in the centre of midfield which I'm reluctant to change (I used to concede goals due to long balls over the top until I settled on the BWM and DLP). Problem is Brown and Tousart aren't quite up to it and I'm struggling to replace them.
  6. Yea I've got a few DLPs for example Calum McGregor, Nir Biton and Mattia Viviani. They are all better with support duty. I'm struggling with the BWM. I could go with a B2B but that would mean putting the DLP on Defend duty as I find I need that to avoid being caught out by long balls.
  7. Will give a go at searching for attributes alone rather than with position in future. I usually do position plus I look for 70% of the attributes for a given role to be 12 or over. What would you recommend as an alternative to a BWM?
  8. Yea I hadn't thought not to look for position as well as attributes. In terms of what I look for its 70% of the attributes for a given role to be 12 or over. It's not so much I need a 3rd, Brown is 35 and getting weaker while Tousart wasn't convincing in the Champions League so I want to strengthen.
  9. Playing as Celtic, into my 3rd season and I've usually played a 4231, lately moving to Gegenpressing with these roles PF(A) IF(A) AM(S) W(S) DLP(S) BWM(D) WB(S) CD(D) BPD(D) WB(A) SwKp(A) Away from home / in Europe, it's more of a 41221 (or 433 with a DM) with Direct Counter Attack such as AF(A) IF(S) W(S) DLP(S) BWM(D) DM(D) WB(Au) CD(D) NCB(D) FB(A) SwKp(D) Now I have tactical problems..... but that's another story. Recruitment wide, I struggle with the Ball Winning Midfielder (BWM). It's hard to find someone within budget or good enough to challenge my current players (Lucas Tousart, Scott Brown). So... here is the question - do you adapt your tactics to suit what kinds of player you can recruit? If you can't recruit players suitable for the role, what kinds of change would you make and why? In my case, I'm thinking about two Deep Lying Playmakers (DLP) - one on Defend and one on Support, or a plain old Central Midfielder (Defend duty) beside the existing DLP (S) - on both tactics.
  10. No, and while I haven't played the latest update post winter transfers, I still regularly receive this news item.
  11. As an FM Touch player I would like the ability to filter players by attributes, age, contract expiry, wage *on the squad pages*. The use case is to have the ability to find players who don't ordinarily appear on the player search screen by visiting their club squad page and filtering to show only those who meet a given search criteria. (I assume low scouting knowledge of the nation the clubs are in is the reason these players don't appear on player search screen). This is something I work around by using custom views in the squad page.
  12. Hi @Walrus It was on PC as I prefer the Touch version of the game as I do not have much free time to play. I had to wait a few months to get an update on the exact rules but I did get two updates in 2018, followed by one in 2019 round about the time the UK left the EU.
  13. Thanks @mozza79 for giving your experience. I'm keen to do similar. I notice the wages/value of UK/Ireland based players is very high for what you get, so it may be cheaper to go down that route. Good to know the scout reports advice around work permits can be ignored too (again from your experience).
  14. I'm playing FM Touch 2019 as Celtic. Prior to Britain leaving the EU, I got this message I'm now past this date (25th June 2019) and I'm attempting to sign players, however there's a disparity between my understanding and what I see in my scout reports. How work permits are awarded My understand of the new work permit rules is If I want to sign a player for first team football - I need to pay him at least £8k p/w. If I want to sign a player and loan him out / play him in reserve matches - he must be Under 23 and paid a minimum of £3k p/w. Or... to put it another way - I can sign anyone, from any country on at least £8k p/w and they will get a work permit for first team football. Is this understanding correct? Scout Advice on Work Permits In spite of the new rule (unfortunately no image to attach at this time) my scout reports still advise "Work Permit Unlikely" for non UK/Ireland players. I would have anticipated that this advice, based on the new rule around wages, be null and void. I.e. they could advise "you must pay £8k p/w to obtain a work permit for this player". Why is the advice on work permits still given? Does this affect the Scout Recommendation value (the number from 0-100) that they give? Delay to obtain work permit Finally - I note that when a non UK/Ireland player signs a Work Permit is applied for them. I would have imagined it to be automatic, but can accept if it's a simple delay to reflect a real-world scenario of paperwork being generated. Why is there a delay - and can the work permit be rejected if the contract is equal to or above the minimum wage requirements?
  15. Sorry took a while to get back to this. I have now uploaded the save game called "John McParland - Celtic.fmt" Somewhat usefully, I've just had Pedro Gallesse and Connor Hazard (also a GK at Celtic) complain about the training unit. They are 2 out of 3 of the last news items.
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