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  1. I am in June 2011 and got Afellay on a free and I then decided to see if anyone else was available on a free. Guess who I found - Ribery! Offered a £135k per week contract and accepted but I have saved the game there as I wondering if to sign the deal or not. Just signed David Silva for 26m and Lennon from Spurs for 12m so I have my young wingers. The other thing is that I can loan him out for a fee and then sell him at the season end to help with the club debts.
  2. Struggle to make a profit?

    I did have the issue with LFC but when the latest patch came out i started a fresh save. Instead of losing 5-7m per month I reduced this down to 2-3m. I know this is still a loss but miles better than before & is managable. I did this by offering new contracts but reduce the amount of bonus's. Most players accepted the same wage so there was no increase here. I signed some free players and then loaned them out at 100% wage and a small initial fee. Sold some players with montly payments coming in and reduced the amount of staff. Every little helps. Im happy keeping a small squad and using youngsters. - Well until a tycoon takes over!
  3. I have gone to offer a contract but always says he's not interested. I'll try a bigger offer tonight and see. Agger was unhappy but when I told him to stay put he apologized.
  4. Just got to Feb in my season. At the end of the last season I got Pato for £38m and at the moment he's on fire, 28 goals so far and 17 assists. Also Jovanovic is working well on ML and FC if required and is 3rd top scorer. Only downside is Riena is unhappy - I dont want him to leave but should I? Im top of table by 7 points. Could he change his mind if I win the league?
  5. sergio aguero

    one of my mates bought him when he was managing Arsenal. think it was the 4th season and paid about £70m with no cheating - so it is possible.
  6. I have been playing Torres along side Kuyt in the first season and Torres got 43 goals. Kuyt 23 goals. I need a Right winger too so worth it - just accepted a bif for 19M!
  7. I have the chance to sign Pato from AC Milan for 18.5m - anyone reckon the deal is good and him and Torres will work well up front?
  8. I use Riena for all matches and my 2nd GK for FA, league cups and when playing teams in the bottom 5 of the PL.
  9. Installed straight away. All data & stats look better and the ME has improved dramatically. Well Done SI.
  10. Is 16 to young?

    Any players I have about that age that I want to give a chance to I bring them on after 55-60 minutes unless i'm struggling in the game. This seems to give them a good chance. I have also found that if for example you have Gerrard tutoring your young un then him playing along side him seems to work.
  11. GAME OVER for FM

    Not really. My PC is not new but runs very well and never has issues. AMD 6000 Dual Core (3.0GHz) 2GB Corasir DDR2 800 RAM 640MB XFX Geforce 8800 GTS Like i said nothing special.
  12. GAME OVER for FM

    Ah that must be it then lol Well as im an IT engineer mine is all self built! Never buy any pre built or branded.
  13. GAME OVER for FM

    I have never had it crash on me and i have been 5 seasons into the game. The only issue I had was that the 3D ME did some funny graphicially glitches but a updated graphics driver sorted that out. Personnally I love the game - yes there are issue but nothing serious. I would say that most crashes are to do with the machine running them.
  14. Online game 8.30

    Yea i might - Liverpool But how do you do it?
  15. Can i get a refund?

    I have gone to season 2021 & have not yet had a crash or major bug so im happy with it. Yes there are a few issues with the ME but nothing major that spoils the game play. Before blaming the game for crashing I would look at your hardware first.