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  1. Signed the same guy for FREE in first season. He shows a lot of potential but hes been a nearly man for me in the 3 years i have had him. Very simil;ar to Macauley Crhrisantus.
  2. is it just leeds?

    Absolutely not, I have 19 different nations represented in my current Leeds squad including 7 brazillians.
  3. I have just gone from Remember to call work and ask for more sick leave to Remember to call your family and ask for more sick leave
  4. One season later!

    I think I am in the process of takeover. My chairman wants rid but no news whos taking over. Hope i get some rich idiot like you.
  5. You might be able to get Altidore forthat sort of cash if he will join you. He came to me in the CCC.
  6. A proposition for SI

    I felt the same way (the game being too hard) until a guy here spent some time with me on tactics and explained where i might be going wrong. Hate to give you the same spiel many others will but its likely your tactics are bad. Mine were awful but what i foudn when i changed was i was tryingto over complicate things. Now I have a defensive, a normal and an attacking tactic that I rotate depending on who im facing and im getting great results.
  7. Great post and i agree with every point you make highlighting some truly awful bugs but like you I find myself far more addicted to this than I have any FM since the split.
  8. This tactic is anything but a SUPER tactic, I was holding my own in the prem with newly promoted Leeds had won 3 drawn 1 and since changing to this I have lost 5 on the spin. Also to all the tubes in this thread who felt it neccesary to attack the guy.
  9. Best FM ever??

    Without a shadow of a doubt my favourite since the Eidos split. I have over a weeks play notched up on game status already and i am just finding it soooooooo addictive again. Just had my second successive promotion with Leeds via the playoffs again
  10. Arsenal is way too powerful

    They have done the treble 2 years on the bounce on my game :thdn::thdn:
  11. May i be the first to say "get a new assistant" I had Staunton at Leeds and he was a ****, replaced him and the new guy is great.
  12. Is it safe to buy yet?

    I will be reporting back with my second seasons feedback soon mate, its been tough but i have felt i am in control much more since you helped. Before i was just losing 1 game winningthe next but never really feeling confident of a result, your tactics have helped me no end.
  13. Nice little touch

    This just happened again with a youngster who looked the dogs nuts and Newcastle stole him
  14. I would say you are made of glass I had a "severe" ankle sprain around 10 years ago now admittedly but i was back playing rugby within two weeks. Its still hurt a bit like and was still swollen as heck but it wasnt prohibitive to me getting back out there. Still gives me jip on a very cold day actually.
  15. Are Sega breaking the law?

    1. You may have a point with this, it should be marked clearly on the box that activation is required. 2. Isnt the activation line free phone already? Doesnt take 2 seconds anyway.............