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  1. And paying vast sums of cash in the process dont forget. I believe the phrase was 'For ****s sake Torres'... and if it wasn't it should have been. I have no sympathy for him, he took the money move to Chelsea despite knowing he wanted to leave the England. He deserves everything he gets, except his vast salary. Honestly Id pay Anshi to take him away at this point... Perhaps Romans new dream now hes won the CL is to destroy the club he funded as some sick joke.
  2. Depends what you mean by good really. In terms of passing and possession then this team is probably the best ever, in terms of clinical goal scoring and demolishing other sides, no probably not that would probably go to the 70s German side. In terms of flair and invention then that would be Brazil. Its easy to forget that in the group and the knockouts Spain were less than brilliant, were almost beaten by Portugal and Italy should have beaten them in the group. Also they were lucky to beat an average Croatian side. Thing that stops them being best ever imo is their lack of Plan B. Granted their Plan A is devastatingly effective, but when they aren't on top form or if their opponents are up for it they sometimes look totally devoid of ideas except endless passing. One thing I will say though thats the most convincing final Ive seen in many years, easily the best side on the night, but its easy to forget their earlier subpar performances. If Portugal hadn't made a pigs ear of the penalties and got their least technically adept player to take the most important one they might never have been in the final.
  3. Gotta say to some degree I agree with him... As technically amazing as they are their games are incredibly dull to watch. One pundit put it brilliantly by saying they 'anaesthetise' the game, sometimes to their own detriment. That said obviously Id love to see players like Xavi and Iniesta in our midfield, its something we have never really produced, certainly in my lifetime. But I certainly wouldn't want to flat out copy them.
  4. Ive been aware of Pirlo for some time, always thought he was one of Milans better players, but apparently he had a bad year last time round which is why they released him. My wider point is that even 3 years ago he was old for a midfielder (30) I just perceive him as similar to Scott Parker in the sense that the early part of his career was a warm up for the latter part (though clearly hes MUCH better than Parker just comparing their relative paths in the game)
  5. Pirlo all day long. Only had to compare their performances in that match, despite a slow start Pirlo ran the whole show for Italy while Gerard struggled to make an impact... Much like Lampard Gerard has found it difficult to adapt his game now he has lost some pace and power. In his pomp he was epic for Liverpool but has declined alot over the years, where as Pirlo is one of those rare players who has got better with age like Zola and Drogba. Without his dynamic runs (which are rare now) hes just an above average CM who can do a damn good cross... Hes like a bulky Beckham whos not as good at free kicks
  6. This is spot on. I mean granted our team aren't wonderful but barring Ronaldo our players are on a par with say Portugal. The difference is one of ethos, when we have the ball we don't play smart. The game against Italy was a prime example, we started well, keeping the ball playing percentages. As the game went on and we became more desperate more stressed we started playing silly passes which are like 1 in a million chances. The difference when you watch a team like Spain for example is if the pass looks even 50% likely to fail they won't attempt it. Where as VERY often we will try one-two after one-two, try to dribble past 4 or 5 men without passing, its a matter of intelligence in a sense. If you are a midfielder or winger (Ashley Young is a good example) and you see the full back bomb past you, see the midfielders making runs the one thing you DONT want to do is lose the ball cheaply, cause at that point your shape is all over the place, so the worst plan is try a cute little pass that stands no realistic chance of working, or to cut inside where you cut your own wide men from the game and let their defence gobble you up. We do this sort of thing so much its painful. The amount of times we had potential counters in all the games and there were 2 or 3 good passes on, but the person in possession either went for the glory run or chose the absolute worst passing option. Teams like Spain are happy to keep the ball for a long time, our team seem determined to score ever attack, they have no concept of tactics and patience. Our league is good cause we can mix players like that with cultured continental players, but stick our players together and they totally lack invention. They all have exactly the same gameplan and its really predictable.
  7. Just how bad was Ashley Young tonight, am I the only person who was amazed when he brought Milner off and left Young on for the whole 120 mins!! He had stopped playing at about the 60 min mark and had been woeful before that... He was awful, I mean I cant fault his effort he did try, but it was the worst individual performance in an england shirt for some years imho. Lost count of how many times he tried Xavi style passes only to gently roll it back to the grateful Italian defenders. Rooney looked bad as well, I mean hes never been that prolific for England but his touch (as the thread says) was shocking. I think a fully firing Rooney and Ox rather than Young and we might have stood a chance tonight. No doubt Italy were the better side, but not by much in the first 55 odd minutes. Once he took off Parker and Milner and left Young on it was all over basically. Roy was tactically astute but his subs in all games were baffling, except the Walcott sub against Sweden. Honestly though Young was awful from Sweden onwards, dont know why he started him. Apparently he is the new Heskey...
  8. This!! All 3 have been very poor considering how amazing we are always being told they are.
  9. Glad its not just me who thinks that. Personally I thought he was responsible for the first and heavily at fault for the second goal. And then theres Auntie just banging on about how good he is at covering back cause hes quick, neglecting to mention that if he weren't constantly out of position or losing the ball in the final 3rd he wouldn't need to cover back so much. And his back passes, wow they are shocking... but then he does have Gary Neville coaching him, the king of sh** back passes.
  10. As did Young, who was worse than useless tonight. I swear in the last 20 minutes he had become an honorary Swede. Not only did he repeatedly lose the ball but then failed to even try to track back... really needs to be dropped for Ukrained game, get Ox on. That was woeful, especially coming from someone as loathesome as him in the first place. TBH it was from that moment that I really wanted us to win, just to shut that overrated hypemonster up. I wouldnt take anyone doing that to me, especially a grown man with a ponytail
  11. Thats exactly what I thought, has everyone forgotten how much he hated Liverpool from his time at Chelsea? I think Liverpool is about the last club he would ever manage, except maybe Arsenal.
  12. I hate this sort of elitism, first up even if he loved the NFL why does that mean he doesn't know about football. Second is it the law that anyone who doesn't agree with you automatically doesn't have a clue, remind me again who died and gave you the responsibility of deciding what footballing opinions are valid? Honestly that sort of comment makes you look really stupid, especially when coupled with championing Bosingwa who is the worst FB Chelsea have had since Abramovich took over. He wont keep scoring, cause eventually he will be in on goal and do something inexplicable like back pass it all the way to Cech, his decision making is as bad as anyone Ive ever seen play for Chelsea. Which is a shame cause otherwise he could be a top player.
  13. Id rather Cech played at full back than Bosingwa tbph... nothing is worse than Bosingwa on a bad day. And he looks like a muppet with his unibrow! I still hate him, just cause he scores doesn't make him any good, Anelka used to score all the time, but he was **** as well.
  14. I find Arsenal an interesting watch, Im a Chelsea fan so have no love for you lot, but I have watched you season after season now fail to win anything, almost self destructing at times when victory looked so close. You have some great players (one world class one) but I honestly think your biggest issue is psychological. Now you are effectively incapable of winning anything your form has miraculously reappeared. I dunno maybe thats a tad simplistic but its seems you sort of choke/get overconfident when you are in with a shout of winning things, but when you have nothing to lose you focus and play like a team alot more. And honestly I think wenger is responsible for breeding that arrogance into his players, year after year he excuses bad results and poor losses by blaming aggressive tactics, refs, linesmen, god, the devil... anyone except his players. This season is the first in ages where he openly criticised his team, but there mindset is his fault, they think they are alot better than they are and they get overconfident far to easily. When motivated properly they should be a top 3 team at least.
  15. Thats a joke, unless hes totally blind and equally oblivious then he knew damn well what happened. Bottom line is he doesn't care, hes a miserable old sod who refuses to admit his own and his teams failings. What Suarez did was appalling. Bad enough he was found guilty of racist abuse in the first place but to shun the handshake like that is disgraceful and a total kick in the nuts to one of the most famous clubs in the world. Kenny is fast turning you into a very dislike-able club.
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