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  1. And paying vast sums of cash in the process dont forget. I believe the phrase was 'For ****s sake Torres'... and if it wasn't it should have been. I have no sympathy for him, he took the money move to Chelsea despite knowing he wanted to leave the England. He deserves everything he gets, except his vast salary. Honestly Id pay Anshi to take him away at this point... Perhaps Romans new dream now hes won the CL is to destroy the club he funded as some sick joke.
  2. THIS - it bothers me no end that I can never see precisely what my GK has contributed in goalkeeping terms...
  3. Strange thing is only today in another thread someone else was saying how team talks and conferences were all that mattered not your squad or tactics... its a funny thing perception isn't it!
  4. That table at the top is depressing reading, for some reason SI insist in every version on making raw Speed (pace/accel) pretty much two of the most important traits for most positions except GKs. Not only is this utterly unrealistic in a real world sense (plenty of slow or not to mobile players are fantastic footballers - someone like Xavi springs to mind or Zidane) but it also makes the match engine very one dimensional, and it has been for years. There should be no 'weighting' as such, it should be dynamic. Some Strikers (for instance) are good cause they are fast, some cause they have fantastic movement, some cause they are like battering rams and so on... In FM of those three strikers equally talented in their respective areas, the speed merchant would be most effective (given identical mental and hidden attributes) and thats a shame imo.
  5. Ive always thought a slider for the width of each area of the pitch would be a good idea. That way you could leave your defence relatively narrow but play with say just 2 MCs and set the midfield width to a really high setting to stretch them out more. Could work quite nicely and sounds easy to implement as the width setting already exists, it just needs to be altered to affect the Def/Mid/ and Att.
  6. Having tested your theory further im now starting to see the main difference with having higher TW is simply better distribution from my goalie, which in turn leads to better attacks and prevents the constant giving away of the ball from goal kicks. Even set to defender collect on low TW goalies often clear the ball far to quick resulting in loss of possession almost immediately. Im not saying the rest of your theory isnt right but for my team over 7 games now thats the major difference ive seen.
  7. Well i just played 3 games with my time wasting set to 14/15 (previously on about 7/8) and we won 4-3, 2-0, 2-0 Now of course 3 games do not prove the point but we do seem to be controlling the ball better, creating better chances. I havent played away yet so im not sure what effect it will have, but at home when teams park the bus or 'do a chelsea' lol, well then it does at first glance seem to make for more patient play.
  8. Have often wondered about this myself, will test it out. One thing i do know though from watching full matches and extended highlights is that high time wasting does affect out of play moments as well. If its set low your players run to take FKs & corners and goalies dont hang about getting the ball up the pitch, conversely if you set it at high ive had goalies booed by the opposition crowd for wasting time standing there before kicking it.
  9. I remember a similar thread years ago for FM06 (i think it was) were someone admitted to wearing a suit when he got to the CL final, sad in a way but bloody funny also
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