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  1. Does anyone know of any sites, other than sortitout for good graphics, skins etc? Bored waiting for the patch so updating some graphics for my game
  2. Need some help people, how do you (step by step) get downloaded logos for example in FM09?
  3. Guys please can someone post the method on how to add logos, facegens, kits etc....I downloaded some but have no idea how to get them in the game...COME ON THE PATCH!!!
  4. Can anyone tell me how to add a kit logo onto the game? Downloaded one but not sure what to do now. Any help would be great
  5. Hmmmm....when i pressed the download button all I got on my screen was mumbled up code, similar to what I have seen before when accidently trying to run an .exe file on my Mac
  6. i tried this site but all the graphics etc are for PC not Mac
  7. Anyone know of sites, that have or will have skins, kits, logos etc for fm09. But also will work with the Mac system? I know not really on this thread but I too am waiting for the Mac patch and it could be something we could be doing to get our fm games ready to go. cheers all
  8. yea fingers crossed the pc boys are all ok, make sure they get their 2nd patch...then they can sort out the Mac stuff after
  9. this is a joke! im fed up now! why not just keep the game back a week hey? answer me that! Then none of this would have been an issue! SI are a joke!
  10. do the graphics from sortitoutsi work for Mac or PC or both? how do you go about getting it in the game?
  11. thats a cop out answer for we dont know. a range of time would be good, not asking for a specific
  12. ETA on Mac patch please?
  13. yea i have to say im thinking that too
  14. i think its going to be 2mo now boys....we are gunna get a message at like 10 2nite saying, sorry we have had to delay till 2mo..... Then the same thing will happen 2mo and delay till the end of the week! SI should sack a lot of their developers, seem to me they are very poor!! Far too many errors on a release game. The game as it stands is a x gen demo before the last updates. And I am nearly sure the patch we are all waiting for will not get rid of all the problems. Like many of the other games, the final patch that gets it right is released close to the release of the next game!! Very useful!
  15. Si are having a laugh now!!!! Updates us - even if its not good news!